Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sans zippedy doo dar

So Weigal 1949 is coming along great, but a few little problems did pop up since yesterday. And entirely my own overlooking and speediness caused them.

Here's my latest pics though, and I'll flick through what I've completed and perhaps point out my downfalls after...

The front looks great! I'm kinda happy with my matching up of the front sections (although don't stare too hard at the leftish one) all it needs here are the cutie little red buttons to make it look more tailored and spesh.

Here's the side zippedy doo dar spot, sans zipper of course. I'll finish that off later.

And the darling back look, and my total fave. I adore the scoopy collar and the gathered up waistline on that skirt.

Ok, now for my mistakes! When I cut out the material the other day, I marvelled at my fabric predicting skills, and loved that I used up all the pink fabric (thrifted mind you, so no more!) exactly and precisely as the pattern's cutting instructions told me. Or so I thought...

But I didn't really look at the larger skirt pattern piece, until today. I was supposed to cut out TWO pieces of that larger skirt piece, and not one, as I had done. My darling red arrows are pointing to the folded bits that I totally overlooked.


So I just cut the bit I had in two, and now the skirt was balanced, but without the same amount of gathers and fullness of skirt it should have. BUT, I don't mind the result really, as I've cut the skirt shorter anyways, perhaps less material and fullness is better for a flippy shorter gal.

But then I had a mini disaster when Doggie Darling got excited and jumped onto the very same pattern pieces and ripped a little bit of the tissue. OMG! So terribly sorry Amanda, I did patch it up ok and it's only a small tear, so of course the pattern piece is totally fine to use. All patterns and tissue are now safely tucked away so no other mishaps can happen!

Anyways, gotta dash and start on a few dresses I'm making for Australia Day. My friend is on an adventure and is in need of bright cotton frocks, so more on Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge later.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I love it, i think its brillinat!I think the skirt looks full enough. I think you are super clever. I am scared of making grown up clothes.

  2. Wow it's looking amazing! I bet doggie darling was just expressing her excitement at having such a super-talented owner! It's all ok, I maintain that patterns are practical items for practical use - I'm glad the pattern is being used! It's no good to anyone all folded and untouched in a cupboard. A tiny tear is pretty minor damage for staffy involvement anyway, so she's really a good girl!

  3. Your dress looks fantastic! I love the scoopy collar at the back too. I am loving the fantastic sailor-ness of this dress. It makes me wanna make one in white with blue trim around the bottom and collar.


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