Friday, 29 January 2010

Weigel's 1941 - TICK!


Great news just in, I've completed my first vintage pattern as part of my "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge"! Yippee. If you've only just stopped by now, I have a pen pal in Adelaide (called Amanda!) who has shared with me several delicious vintage patterns recently. And as I'm a keen seamstress, but always in dire need of a motivator, I've decided to make and review these lovely patterns, and hence "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge"!

So, here you have Weigel's 1941, and if you love the history behind patterns, Amanda found this awesome note about Johanna Weigel. She lived in Richmond in Melbs and started the pattern making business in 1877. CUTE. And YIKES.

The pattern is Bust 34, and I'm around that usually, but this is much bigger, say 2 inches. (You may see me holding it in above) But the main thing for me, the shoulders and the waist are just too big too. I didn't alter anything else from the pattern piece (apart from cutting a foot - at least - from the hem), so overall it's not really my size, but I have a feeling a few girlfriends from work would be EXACT fit.

There are a few gathers around the shoulder/armhole/under the collar, and I'm not sure if that's just me being a bit too little in the shoulder to hold it up, or if it's because I missed interfacing the bottom collared bits. I forgot about them til it was too late, and maybe the collar doesn't really sit properly on my wee little shoulders.


I told you about my skirt mishap the other day, but overall it hasn't affected the style of the dress. I did add an extra row of buttons above the waist line, since I wasn't going to do the belt, and I think it looks really cute!

I love the scoopy sailor-esque collar!

Everything is made from thrifted materials, the pink cotton/sheeny stuff is opshopped, and the buttons and zipper (on the side) are both thrifted too. Even the pinky thread I was given from my friend's granny. So all second hand and totally one of a kind dress. I used up all the material, so there wasn't even enough for the belt.

I really love the pattern, it was SO easy to follow (apart from me being silly and misreading the amount of fabric for the skirt) and is a really pretty dress.

What did I learn? I need to remember interfacing in collars and not rush them, as they can kinda look a little homemade if not attached properly or carefully ironed etc. And yay! Again for my Husbie's flash, so I can post today!


  1. It's really cute, Veronica. I love the red buttons!

  2. Fantastic!! You look cute (as always) and hurrah for the first dress of the Amanda Challenge. I love the collar on this one and I think the material you picked was perfect for the shape of the dress- in keeping with the design/time period.

  3. Gorgeous! Great design and execution. I love the big collar that looks a bit like a cap sleeve.

  4. So cute! The color looks great on you as well as the length!

    Its adorable.


  5. just found your blog through sew retro. I really like what you make and will be following you ;)

    Cute dress!

  6. gorgeous, love the collar and the fabric is lovely on you.

  7. It looks so unbelievably cute on you! I am in awe. I think the less full skirt looks great - I might try it for some of my other 50s dresses!You're incredible.

  8. Great work! The dress looks awesome. I am sure one of the girls from your work will love to wear it. Can't wait to see your next pattern.

  9. You've made some cute clothes out of your vintage patterns, (or do I mean Amanda's patterns?) and I'm impressed with the way you modified them so they're not out of place in this decade, AND they retain their vintage details. I have many patterns that were my grandma's and I'm struck by the sizes in the 1940's--I wore a size 8 in 2001 when I discovered the patterns, but apparently my measurements were size 12 in 1946!


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