Thursday, 25 February 2010

Buzzy after a bizzy week

So almost this time last week, I was here:

With darling fun friends. And this week gone has been full, but at least it has gone quickly. One day, when I have time, I'll explain the extent of actually what I do for a day job. As this week has been busy, surreal, but actually quite normal. Sometimes I'm just too bamboozled and really just wanna look at that photo above for a really really really long time.

Other fun things that happened over the weekend gone:



Oh hello. Is that me? With a wine glass? Talking? Never!
Oh yes, friends. And they are pin curls. How freaking dedicated to the art of Pincurl Saturday am I? That's two swims in the ocean (see far above phot) and socialising as well, and still I ditch the free roaming locks for the classic pin curl. It certainly sets my hair for the week as the curls are still in there today!

Anyways, today I finally got a minute in the sewing room and have started on something new (a nice pattern of the vintage variety!), and as Husbie has a lot of work on this weekend I think I'll try and spend some quality time with my machine. Love and miss my old buddies.

Hope your week has been nice and you're keeping well! Talk to you soon, hopefully with some new clothes to show you!


  1. I seriously don't know how you manage to sew as much as you do! I worked in breakfast radio for years and was SO tired at the end of the day... some days I managed to do some sewing... but not nearly your productivity!! and by the time i ate some food, went for a run and watched a bit of tele (recorded from the night before) it was time for bed!!
    one of my best friends used to work at abc sale... i wonder if you two know each other!

  2. Oh there are certainly some terror days in the mix, so I totes know how you feel! I wonder who your friend is? My email is if you'd like a chat!?


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