Sunday, 28 February 2010

Can't rush a challenge

Oh no, I fear I'm dripping with sarcasm here already, and I haven't even started yet! I better just go straight to the photos, so I can distract my hungover and boring brain!

So here's my current pattern, from the lovely Amanda (who kindly sent me a few of her patterns to try out! The Dearheart is extremely busy planning a wedding and caring for people, so no time to indulge!) and it's Vogue 5900, and looks rather maternal to me! I've just got to do a few things on it, but thought I'd post this for a Work In Progress (WIP) for you to have a geek at. The material is from the stash, but I got it in Spotlight on spesh (can't remember the exact price) and it's a very light, almost see through cotton lawn. I have used some of it before, before I started this blog maybe (as I can't find a post about it) but it was a shirt thing that was a bit too puffy for me so it went to the Op Shop.

I've changed a couple things so far, I didn't want to do lining/facing as this cotton is so lovely and soft, I want to make it for a preggers gal, who needs her clothing nice and light. It's hot here in Syds, so if you're pregs in summertime you want light material. So instead I remembered how I'd use bias binding for the edges when I make tshirt dresses, and rather than folding it under and topstitching it, I thought I'd just leave it and iron it out. Looks nice for the edging!

I'm making the white dress, from the pattern front above, but with no sleeves. But I did decide to keep the pocket in so I hope it still looks good!

And once of the best things I've learned recently is to do the facing thing (where you put a bit of fabric right side to right side, sew a long V shape, slash down the middle, and turn) and I really like using it now instead of bias binding edges on the slash. It is less material and I've found (especially in that little girl's dress I made recently) it gets bulky when I do it.

Oh! And I just clicked over that post and remembered that Sew I Thought gave me a nice nod with a Kreativ Blogger Award, sorry darling! I did receive one of those just recently, and so won't post it again, but here are my results! Thank you kindly though, you're a total babe!

Phew! I totally got through the post without any stupid hangover talk! I tell you, I can get really boring and sarcastic whilst in this state, so am very pleased with my silly self for just writing NORMALLY. ERK!

See you soon, Veronica

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  1. Looks lovely! Can't wait to see it made up. Just saw your pics of your pup mangling a toy -- reminds me of my baby girl when she was little. But instead of toys she chewed a pair of red suede ballet slippers, a jade green tiered skirt and a pencil case. Ah, puppy love. She's grown out of the chewing stage now but still likes to yank the odd thing or two down from the clothesline. How did the puppy cake turn out?


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