Monday, 8 February 2010

An extra splash of yellow in the rain...

Thank you so much for your excellent feedback on the dress yesterday!

I love it, but haven't found an occasion yet to wear it... maybe my darling friend's birthday this Friday night! I wanted to share with you a photo my Husbie spent time on yesterday, as he's oft inclined to do.

Dress: Veronica Darling
Shoes: Clothing swap c/o my darling friend
Hair: Pin Curls Darling

And it made me think that I forget that I'm on facebook! I am Veronica Darling, and you're SO welcome to be friends etc etc, and I thought I'd put the photos that Husbie 'updates' into a facebook album so it's all ordered and nice etc but shows the more fashion side of the dressmaking (as Husbie is very good at the fash look!).

Hope your Monday was darling and not too much trouble. We just polished off a Asian style yum salad, and it made me think about the raw food diet and if it's any good.



  1. I thought id left a little message yday, but mustn't have posted it, silly me. You look stunning, I love the colour and shape of the dress and the shoes and the hair!! Gorgeous!

  2. What a gorgeous photograph, Veronica. You look beautiful and those shoes, oh my!

  3. Totally amazing - Fab dress, Fab photo and Fab You!!! So lucky to have hubby willing to take it

  4. Beautiful photo! I wish my hubby could make me look like that in a photo!

  5. Beautiful dress! (The composition of the picture is very nice too!)

  6. Oooooooh how the pictures of the dress in the last post made me long for summer rain (I'm a scentaholic, and the smell of it, aaaah)!
    The dress too. It's beautiful, just made for a romantic wellington-booted stroll across a misty meadow... (or an evening in a coctail bar, of course)

  7. Once again, this is the most awesome dress. It looks so gorgeous on you.

  8. That is the cutest photo and most amazing dress! Kudos to you on the incredible colour/stripe matching between collar, bodice and skirt! I'm in awe - I can't seem to get that kind of thing right no matter how hard I try! I love how you modified the pattern - I had no idea how cute that collar would look - and I'm glad that pattern piece survived as from memory the last time I pulled it out (before deciding I was too tall for the pattern and I lacked the pattern modification skill at that stage) the collar piece was a little screwed up... so yay for survival and beautiful, beautiful use!

  9. Oh wow! The dress is soooo cute and this image is stunning! xxx

  10. it is simply PERFECT! and also what a beautiful image.
    wow wow rock :)

  11. Such a gorgeous dress and the photo is So sweet! You look total glam goddess!

  12. I can't believe I missed this fabulous dress. It is just so beautiful. And where did you buy those shoes - I covet them - sinful I know.


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