Saturday, 13 February 2010

Good morning Virgos!

Hi darlings, the storm finally came through and knocked off the heatwave at my house (and maybe yours if you're in Sydders like me!) so Doggie Darling and I are refreshed, getting a bit of cuppa tea and computer time before starting the day. (Can you tell Husbie's away on business? I'm posting a LOT!)

I just have to draw your attention to a darling seamstress/blogger/darling who has been busy browsing etsy for some nice patterns of the vintage variety...  Enken posts at Whipstitch and is a bit of a dreamy designer gal and can totally appreciate the need for a jumpsuit, and other fabbo vintage things. But today I spotted her post on Vintage Patterns, and matching the girls up with their starsigns!

Very very cute! Especially this one, which is Virgo (like me!)

Enken's write up is: "The ultimate Joan Holloway… Virgos are witty, clever, good with words and a poison pen. That jacket is just the loveliest little item – imagine making it in a contrasting fabric such as velvet or perhaps even leather! You’re also not nearly as prim and proper as your snazzy little suit suggests – trust me, I’m a Virgo and I know!" (This pattern is also for sale on etsy!)

Yay fellow virgos! And the best thing is that I've actually made HEAPS of dresses similar to this style! Hee hee! This green one being my fave wiggle!


Which I've never shown you a picture of me wearing it... Terror! I wore it to a wedding last year that heaps of my friends were at, so I haven't had a chance to wear it again cause it is very nice for a wedding.

Anyways, better rush off and get some breakfast and read the paper! What a nice morning ahead just Doggie Darling and I!


Thanks for being awesome and a total darling, leave a message!

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