Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ideas for the next dress already...

Hello there!

Do you get to the very very very near end of a project and pause for a bit and get excited about the next one? I'm often one to get too hyped by the next thing, and the untried pattern, or the darling stash material I pull out and fondle.

Here's what I'm fondling at the moment (materialwise of course!) when I should be finishing of that pattern! It's a vintage thick tablecloth fabric and I'm just loving those green and yellow hues that do echo of my recent adventures in the sewing room. Remember I told you how I went through my fabric stash and colour coded my 'New Hampshire/Vampire Weekend' theme for all my future creations? That's what's good about tumblr, it's all there so I can look at colour/phots inspiration any time.

My work is all consuming and tres important at the moment, so please forgive this post as a blog reminder of 'Oh, hey! Not sewing, as working the day job' kinda thing. But I've actually started realising that I was sewing at a speed (and chunks of time) that was bordering on fulltime worthy... hence working two jobs. I took on a little too much 'tailoring' as well, and that takes the fun outta sewing if you're just rehemming trousers etc. So I'm going to say 'Too busy' from now on, so I can focus on the fun dresses and fun challenges that I set myself, and take things at my own pace. I did really want to sew up a dress a week as part of Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, but realistically I'm gonna take it easy.

'Cause of my early starts, I'm aiming to start tea by 6pm (um, it's 6.15pm now, so better go in a minnie) and last night was the straw that broke the camel/horse/doggie darling's back as I was too tired to cook and Husbie helped me with the simple tofu salad,  so that was a wifey FAIL.

But tonight I'm going to make up a mass load of vegetarian dumplings, because I've discovered you can FREEZE them! Yay, easy future dins!

See you soon, Veronicaxoxo


  1. Freeziable dumplings! yes! can't wait for the next dress!

  2. eeek, I don't know where that stray i came from! I meant freezable.

  3. Oh I know the frenzied sewer fever well. Between the "what I will do better next times" to the "I must sew this pattern that I've seen on someone's blog", or the covert eyeing off of other women in the street, thinking about how to copy their garments. You'll know its terminal when I stop someone in the street and ask to look over their seams!

  4. 任何你憂慮的事,你都應該去採取一點行動,不要只是在那邊想..............................

  5. Yum - vegetarina dumplings sound awesome.... and I am looking forward to seeing your new dress! I always want to go and sew something when I read your blog, but then I remember I'm not patient enough - just yet. ha ha.


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