Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Introducing ... Joan The Gifted Dress Form

Hey again,

I'm just in the sewing room (a la trusty laptop) and have one red thing on the overlocker, one black thing cut up around me on the ironing board, one almost finished pink thing (below) and another half finished yellow thing on the bed here besides me.

But thought I'd quickly stop off at the blog here for a little post, to show you the pink thing (almost finished) and my darling new dress form!

Her name is now Joan Winters, named for various reasons but mostly because she's from the olden days and is totally a retro gal in size and shape! She even smells a little old, and will be a darling little friend to my existing dress form Diana. Now I think they've got to be sisters because Diana Winters sounds good too!

My friend Jess is moving overseas and had to drop Joan off to me for safe keeping! Yay thanks heaps darls!

Better get back to my darling machine, to finish off a bit of the red thing, so I'll see you soon with more news!

Oh! And I keep forgetting to gush over my pin curl success! As you can see they're just darling (and from my funny festival pose yesterday) and seeing as I set them on Saturday, they've lasted ages. I think they last for a week, and you may think it's grotty not to wash ones hair for about a week, my hairdresser insists on 3 times a month is most suitable. We overwash our hair in modern society thanks to clever advertising campaigns from the 1960s where things were acceptable or not. It was most acceptable to smell darling of course, but more acceptable to spend lots of moneys on different shampoos and such. I don't even use shampoo!

Talk soon!


  1. Have you thought about letting the dye grow out? I'd love to see what you look like with your natural coloured hair! I can't believe those curls will stay in for a week, that's incredible! I can't even get curls to last for more than a couple of hours... i have really fine, soft hair that will NOT be styled!

  2. Hey pal,

    I can't write you an email back because you're Anonymous! However, I've not really thought about growing out the blonde. My hair would be ash blonde, and perhaps some whites as well by now, so almost a mousey non colour.

    Maybe you can try pincurls with a bit of product? I posted some fun youtubes the other week too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Welcome Joan. I hope you enjoy your new home and I'm looking forward to seeing you in some great dresses!


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