Saturday, 27 February 2010

Party Day Parents!

Yep, today's going to be a day where my Husbie and I pretty much pretend we are real life parents as we're throwing our DOG a First Birthday Party. ERK! I feel weird, but overly excited at the same time, to become one of 'those' Dog People, but figure we'll just do this once and not subject our friends to this kinda mania every year with Doggie Darling.

Friends and darling loyal readers, I promise my writing here won't turn into a dog blog but just for now, just for this weekend, I think I'm all loved up over my darling little baby, and cannot resist posting about her! Here is Doggie Darling with a new friend she found on the street on her birthday:

I'm beginning to feel a little bit agro over the stuff my Husbie and Doggie Darling keep bringing home after their walks together. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for hard rubbish ravaging, I've found some excellent shelves, cute medicine cases, chairs, tables, and other stuff in my time that I still have and love. BUT, you can imagine my WTF moment when I saw this blue thing.

Oh well, Doggie Darling seemed to like it. Here's her 'Best Doggie in the World' moment:

And here's what happened to her new 'friend':

 Yep, snow all over the backyard. The Blue Friend really should have come with a 'Not Safe For Children Under 3' line...

So for her First Birthday Party today, I'm googling dog cake recipes (YES, one of 'those' Dog People) and think I'm going for a peanut butter one on this Homemade Cakes Site so I'm off down the road for a play in the park with Doggie Darling and I'll pick up some more peanut butter and vegetable oil on the way home.

And as for her Birthday Party? We're going down to this darling lush green park (that's also a sporting area for some parts of the year - Go Newtown Jets!) with our friends and if I have time this morning, I'm going to make a stupidly big red tutu for Doggie Darling to wear. WTF am I doing!!!!??? I must love her so much!

Talk to you again, when I'm back to normal and when I have some news on this dress as part of Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, as I really truly have been in the sewing room, just no pictures yet.


  1. I love the picture of doggie darling with the bag with the bits left of the blue thing....her face is 'wha' happened?'

  2. I think you are an amazing doggie owner to give your beloved doggie darling her first birth day party! FABULOUS!

  3. She is just the most beautiful of beautiful dogs! I was having a crappy start to my week but that melted when I saw her adorable little face and hilarious photos! I love the one where she's clamped down on Blue Friend - it's an action shot frozen in time - you get the picture he's not long for this world! Hunter once attacked a beanbag bean toy - but in a house where there was a swimming pool... and he insisted on trying to eat the beans after...
    You're such cute doggy parents - but if it makes you feel better you're not the only one making cakes for your dog - my friend bought a book called "Pupcakes" which has recipes exclusively for dogs, including cupcakes that looked like cats. Hilarious. Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration together!

  4. YOU make me laugh,

    I think my blog is def a dog blog, disguised by knitting.

    Did you go to reclaim the lanes? it was a hoot.

    And tell doggie and husbie there is a giant moose head in the back lane behind cavendish st. ha ha ha..


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