Sunday, 14 February 2010

Round 3: Vogue 5900

Here's the next pattern in Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, from her stash:

I love the Vogue tagline, "Best in Fashion, Make it Yours" ... awesome 1960s advertising! The description of this one says "Slim, slightly gathered skirt in regulation or ankle length, and above knee length fuller skirt, join highwaisted bodice. Buttoned back closing below oval neckline"...

Many of my friends are pregs at the moment, so I think I'll make this one up, and then see who'll fit it. It's a size 16, with a Bust 36 and Hips 38 ... so that's actually not that big for a pregs girl. It might be for a darling Melbs friend but we'll see how it turns out. Not sure what material I'll use yet though, as I like all the styles and I like all the fabric suggestions: Seersucker, Cotton Broadcloth, Linen, Pique, Percale, Cotton Satin, Gingham, Calico and Challis... I do have a bit of gingham in the stash... hmmmm, might have to head to the sewing room (after a shower of course!) and do some planning!

Thanks for all your gush about Butterick 7181 The Candy Striped Frock, it does fit me well, but it might fit a Melbs friend better...

and... Happy Valentines Two Weeks (how my Husbie and I see the world anyways), and hope you're having a great Sunday.


  1. I think you look stunning in the pink striped dress. I automatically wanted a stripey dress when I saw it!! And the pin curls are to die for. You've got such lucky friends to have you sharing your beautiful stuff.

  2. it is sssoooo cute!
    linen would be very summer but gingham...I just love gingham!

  3. if i lived near you and we had tea together some times, i'd warn you not to leave that pattern lying around. or to check my pockets when i leave. nom nom! is it actually maternity?

  4. An adorable little pattern in my size. I'm jealous you have it. Hell, I'm jealous I'm not preggers :)


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