Friday, 5 February 2010

Skipping ahead a bit to Butterick 3526

Yep, it's really hard chronologically ordering stuff you start to make, to whence you finish such an item, and also to hither and there you wear such a garment. (OMG, can you tell I'm overtired *just* a little?)

So I thought I'd share with you what I'm currently hankering to finish off and show you (I really really really wanted to wear it today to work, but it's been a tough tiring week, goddam full time work/job that has nothing to do with sewing and ALL to do with tough work in a fun way) (OMG I'm really teddy tired, aren't I?)


I just zoomed in on this darling pattern from 'Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge' (ie my current project of sewing darlings - penpal Amanda has sent a few samples from her collection to me, to sew and review etc) because how cute is the collar? BUT I'd like you to note the skirt part of the dress. I grabbed this pattern quickly on Sunday (before the music festival) because I thought the weather called for something light. I used some yellow tablecloth material (as posted yesterday) but redesigned the skirt bit.


Yep, I think I'm becoming one of 'those' seamstresses. I find a part of the pattern I like, I cut up that bit. THEN I MAKE UP THE REST. *gulp*

So *technically* this yellow tablecloth dress won't be *exactly* the same as the above pattern... but aren't you intrigued about how I have made it?

What a mystery!


  1. I can't wait to see, either! This is a really cute pattern. I think that there's nothing wrong with winging it while sewing!


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