Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wonky overlocking!

Oh gosh, I need help fast! My darling overlocker has started moving around all over the place!

I've returned to the darling pink stripey off the shoulder pattern of 'Rochelle Rochelle' AKA Butterick 7181, and found a wonky overlocker can't do the hems. I'm loving how this dress is turning out, but hate those wonky bits. Does anyone know what causes that? Tension? It's kinda wavey wonky bits, so could be. I'm not a real techy person when it comes to my machines, it's always trial and error...

It's too hot today to do anything, I'm going to take a nap now and rest up a bit. It's going to be cooler later, so hopefully will go back and finish the hem and show you something later! Exciting!



  1. It can be the tension. I suggest you play around with different tension levels on scrap fabric and all the threads don't have to be the same number. this really helped me because all fabrics don;t use the same setting

  2. I'd bet it's the tension. I just got a serger a month ago, and have been learning how to adjust the tension for each project (since I use a variety of wildly different fabrics from project to project). Does your overlock manual have a chart of how to adjust tension for certain problems? If not, I'd just suggest taking a scrap and playing with different setting until you get the ones that doesn't cause the waviness. :)

    Anyway, also just wanted to pop in and say hello! I just found your blog via another one and have added it to my reader. ;)

    ♥ Casey
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  3. Hi there
    Maybe you should consider useing a wash away stabilizer (the kind you use for machine embroidery) if you don't get it right by changeing the tension. That is if it is a washable fabric. Sometimes when working with a fine fabric the thickness can cause problems, but first try changeing the tension and maybe a different needle like a microtex (not sure if you can use them on a serger)

  4. Oh dear, with my overlocker I just close my eyes and hope for the best! They are beastly. No help from me, but I wish you luck because I know how frustrating it can be!

  5. See Julie and the amazing repair man (George I think) at the Bernina Sewing Centre at Chatswood. Julie teaches and George fixes. They do Singer as well but would probably accommodate other brands.

  6. you are adorable, lady jane. I'm so glad to have found your blog...

  7. When I first got my overlocker I had a lot of problems with it (trying to sew difficult fabrics on it) and learnt the steps to follow to try and sort out most problems...

    So Firstly try overlocking a simple piece of cotton... Are the same problems happening on calico weight cotton?

    If so, I would try rethreading the machine... sometimes the threads can pull out of a section and a simple rethread is all it takes to fix it...

    Next, check the tension and the differential feed... try adjusting them up and down and if these don't improve things,

    then, the timing on your machine could have gone out, which will need a proper repair person to fix... overlockers are a nightmare when the timing goes out (it has gone out on mine several times and I have a fairly fancy Bernina overlocker... although I beat it up a fair bit in the early stages, sewing nappies on it!!)

    Anyway, I hope this helps :D


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