Monday, 1 February 2010

You're going to think I'm crazy...

... but I can't go anywhere without wearing something I've made or that's new-ish (ie, new to me, not brand new from the shops. I am into my third year now of the Wardrobe Refashion pledge) and of course going to a music festival is the WORST because it's also a total fash hipster nest as well!

I made something really quickly to wear to the Laneway Festival yesterday in Syds, and this was it:

I know I look funny. I was trying for an 'odd' pose. There's so many hip people/scene-sters in Syds, so I was going for the 'I'm odd and not as cool as you people' pose. BUT, look at the dress, it's stretch cotton, and from the stash (THRIFTED), perhaps more recently from QLD, but I can't remember!

This was the first thing I made yesterday, the second thing is still in the sewing room and was started because I thought this might be too hot (you can't see but it's totally a skinny mini tight number) so I started making a yellow drill/cotton dress too. Then the weather got cloudier and the time started to run out, then I realised we were missing the festival because I was sewing so much!

I've got a few odd things to do on the other yellow dress, so that's FOUR things I've practically finished this weekend (2 pink things, this one above and the yellow dress that you're yet to see) and I know I'm crazy, but the Amanda Challenge has got me MOTIVATED to sew. I totally totally totally suggest a challenge of some sort to help you get into gear, I tell you WHAT!

The other reason I'm going for the odd pose above.... That bag is a LONG running Office LOL for me and my couple of friends. And seriously I laughed so much and tagged myself in facebook for my Melbs friend to see it. Gosh the LOLs (or inside jokes if you will) about Be Your Own Pet. I would seriously write the entire LOL out for you here, but you'd be very sorry. It's a 'you had to be there' type moment.

Hope you guys had a darling weekend! 


  1. That bag is the best and most hilarious object I've seen in a long while. Nice one love and of course I want one!

  2. Hi! I think you look super-cute AND cool in your festival outfit. I don't know what Sydney scene-sters look like, but I'm sure they could take a few lessons from you.

    I totally agree with what you say about creating a challenge to kick your creativity into orbit! I created a campaign called 'Stash Bustin'', and other creative ladies have been getting on board too! So exciting! Check it out here if you feel like it:

    Can't wait to see further fruits of your creativity!

    Zoe x

  3. Great photo, I think you look adorable!



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