Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Advance 4875 - TICK

You didn't even know I was making this right? Neither did I, and I almost didn't think I had time to finish it this week, before I go on work travels, but it was so quick!

I started on Monday afternoon and finished on Tuesday (yesterday) but it took only about 2 hours all up, and is EXTREMELY easy! Yay! So, to bring you up to speed (in case you're just joining me for the first time LOLZ) I'm very lucky as I've got (on loan) a handful of vintage patterns (40s, 50s and 60s mostly) from Amanda in Adelaide. She's ace and is getting married this year and keeps securing excellent patterns because she's got a keen op shopping and bargaining eye. She would turn her hand at the sewing part herself, except she's too busy saving lives in her day job and she's got her wedding to plan, so she's loaned them to your darling author here to try out for her instead. WOO!

I call this challenge "Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge", and I even made that button (to the right here) to symbolise that in a positive and inspiring way. (Hee hee, how grandiose!)

This pattern is Advance 4875, and I've had a bit of a look around online for some info on the pattern itself, as it doesn't say how old it is. Looking at this collection though, it could be in the 40s. This website is also very thorough about the Advance brand, and according to them the 40s decade finished with 5300 numbers, so this one could be 1948? 

And the back:

I love a side zipper! I just gotta get better at those flap zips, and my flap always seems to stick out a bit! But overall, I LOVE this dress. It looks kinda 50s on my figure (a lot of those 40s girls are stick thin!) and very pretty. I didn't change anything in the pattern, only made the hem shorter, like I do for my height, so it's my measurements EXACTLY. Amazing! It does say Size 14, so I don't know if that means I'm a size 14 in 1940s or if it's teenaged Miss Size 14. Nevertheless, I love it! I also have enough material left over to make a skirt, so you'll see the fabric again soon.

Fabric: Double bedsheet, from a Queensland op shop (bought last Christmas), oh and the facing is also white lawn thrifted too.
Pattern: Advance 4875, on loan from Amanda in Adelaide, and I found the exact same one on ebay if you're interested, but runs out soon.
Notions: Vintage zip x2, the first one I put in, as soon as I closed it the whole zipper handle thing came off. I had to unstitch it and put in another one.
Time to complete: 2 hours
Year: late 1940s
First worn: Just today for the photos
Wear again? Yep, for work travels, it's going in the suitcase when I pack tomorrow. Yay!
Total Cost:  $3 AUS

I have a few Holiday Posts in mind (and probably will take a few outfit posts for you!), but if you have any questions or topics for me, please comment away or send me an email: 

Thanks for dropping by! xoxo


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. I would never have known the fabric started life as a sheet.

    Fantastic work.

  2. Brilliant! So cute and Springy. I have been away from Blogland working on costumes for a play but it's winding down now and I can't wait to go back and catch up on your wonderful sewing.

  3. Oh boy, do I love your dress! It looks great on you, fabric is perfect. Nicely done!

  4. oh my this is so lovely! I really need to get into vintage pattern hunting!

  5. Wow! That dress looks INCREDIBLE! I love love love it! I'm so glad the patterns are getting to be used rather than sitting in my 50litre pattern container looking up at me longingly... I'm currently on my 2nd dress refashion then it's 3x 50s mini cape things for bridesmaids and a 50s coat for over my wedding dress if I can get my re-sizing skillz sorted! Vintage pattern sizings are bizarre - in 1953 I would have been a size 14 when today I'm about an 8-10. Damn that ebay link now I'm looking at patterns to buy! Have fun looking all gorgeous in Melbourne! xx

  6. Oh dear, that fabric is to die for! And that pattern looks like it would be really versatile for all sorts of gorgeous prints. Make lots more! You've found a good one! :)

  7. I love this dress is just so very cute!

  8. This is gorgeous! I love it. Very nice and spring like. Wonderful! Hey quick question too did you used to live in Melbourne? Just because Corey and I are considering moving there when I graduate and I want to get some advise on what suburbs are nice but not too expensive and within easy train travel of the city. If you have any advise I would love it. Thanks!

  9. You are the QUEEN! I bow to your sewing fabulousness!

  10. I just love the way you used the patten in the fabric. Lovely.

  11. And I thought I was the only one making dresses out of old bed sheets!

    (I must admit, however... yours is absolutely fantastic)


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