Monday, 22 March 2010

Bad Promo Queen

oh HAI!

Hope your Monday is nice! We've just entertained on a Monday evening, SOCIAL! I didn't have to google 'finger food easy' tonight. I just made potato pizza (with rosemary and mozzarella/feta) for us and chatted away into the night, and before I go to bed, I remembered that I run an esty store.

I had sold a dress a little while back, and sent it off, and just checked the store today. ALL THE ITEMS HAD EXPIRED. EEP, I'm a bad store keeper! So I just renewed 2 items, and the skirt above being one of them. CUTE (if you like cute things of course).

So I can't recall if I've promo-ed my etsy store recently, but if you're a newcomer: Hai, I'm Veronica Darling, I make stuff and I'm a bad promo queen, in that I make the stuff, put it in the etsy store and forget about it. I also work a terribly busy day job (that's nothing to do with sewing) that I'll tell you about one day. In summary, my life is: Phew!
I'm working all this week, but then I'll be away for almost 3 weeks with work. How should I document this time away, I wonder? I thought I could take a photo of my outfit each day, as most of it will be made by me. Then I thought I could make something 'on the road' as you can take knitting needles on planes now, right? I wonder what kind of travel diary I should do. I AM OPENING THE FLOOR. You can think of me like Tony Jones from Q & A. Would you like to suggest topics and I'll write up 3 weeks worth of drivel (exciting Veronica Darling drivel darlings)? Leave a comment below, or email me direct

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  1. I like your idea of photographing your outfits...maybe in a new location each time (if they let out of the building!!!) I also really like your past wedding photos--maybe you could do a look down memory lane on some of your favorite outfits you've sewn over the years (or your favorite fabrics to work with)?


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