Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bebe Pantaloons

Sorry to be all 'posting crazy' round here, after no posting for a while. I'm having a great creative spurt and by gosh I have to remember it (for next time I'm stacks busy and too tired to even click the tv remote, I need to spend time time in the sewing room).

I went to a baby shower yesterday, but took only a dress for the Mum to Be... as these little beauties were an afterthought (as the first thought turned out not so neat... and presents should be neat)... and I only just finished them today.

And the back has ruffles. CUTE. The top pair are the original pattern size, and the bottom one smaller as I had adjusted it for the scraps I had left. (I had made a skirt a few years ago, gone to the Op Shop Gods now, from the single bed sheet) And dear oh dear, whoever was making patterns for babies is a little way off. The top pair (when stretched out) could almost fit my petite smallsized woman hips. WTF?

Just in case you were missing the Macbook photos, I quickly took this one of McCalls's 5338 to show you the tiny bubba...

TINY! The 'newborn' size the size of a grown (albeit short one) woman's hips? Lucky I adjusted the second ones. I might be crazy (dur!) but babies are little right? I know they wear nappies and these bebe pantaloons will cover their nappies, but I don't want them to fall off. Nevertheless, they are tres cute and as Mum to Be loves vintage I think these ace prints will look great when the bubba comes (maybe she'll be wearing them til she's 6!).

Oh! And still doing Pincurl Saturday at my house, as my hair gets a bit longer I'm practically a movie star! (Of my own movies, in my dreams, of course)


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  1. Baby nappy bums are deceptively huge! That's the issue I kept coming up against when making my baby fisherman pants. However, fitting an adult, that may be taking it a little too far... I love the ruffles, so super cute! They look very baby boutique designer shopesque


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