Thursday, 25 March 2010

Calm Cookie and Cool Cucumber

I thought I'd finished sewing for the week, as I'm due to pack today, and generally get my shizz together and not be frantic. But I made 2 new dresses and a baby dress this afternoon, so I have NO idea where the inspiration and speediness came from. I'll show you the dresses later on, probably in my Work Holiday Posts next week, but ...

... GOSH. How cute:

This is for a new baby friend of mine, who'll I get to meet for the first time in Melbs, when I'm there next week. Yay! I cut out the material when I made the previous baby girl dress, but I didn't do the same neckline (the other one had a button). I know that perhaps ribbons and bows aren't so good for babies, but maybe if they're supervised it's ok right?

I won this material in a fabric giveaway on MYSPACE, that's how long ago I've had it. LOL, and I'll have a think because I can't remember the company, but it was American. It's probably just quilt material, but it's so soft and such a darling print.

Anyways, I better make our dinner (fried rice) now and pack the rest of my stuff. We're also going to a wedding down in Melbs too at the end of my trip, and considering Melbsie can be hot and cold I'll pack a few options. So I'm very excited about the next too weeks, but trying to be calm and cool and hoping hoping and hoping I haven't forgotten anything. EEP


  1. Such a cute dress! Your baby friend is going to be the envy of the play group!

  2. What a cute little dress. And a bow doesn't have to be a problem at all. I think it's adorable.


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