Sunday, 7 March 2010

How's your weekend going?

Hey there,

I'd love to be showing you some of my darling things today, but I can't get the computer to talk to the camera (or vice versa!) so my news about sewing UNDERPANTS will have to wait til another day! Very exciting, and very dorky, but they are quite promising. I've also finished up a maternity dress, and am now thinking about a million other things that I want to be doing, but am instead sitting on the couch playing computer games and just thinking about things.

Husbie's off working on The Big Picture, and I'm here in an extremely messy house, trying to get motivated but find that I'm way too reflective to do ANYthing. I did read all the newspapers though. That's a start. I learned that I still don't like Mia Freedman and I don't know how to get onto a board, let alone be a female CEO, so that's kinda part of my pondering. According to the newspapers, there's a serious lack of high ranking women in Australia's workforce, which makes me want to be one (always a challenge, right?), but that's what I've been thinking about too... my own Big Picture, and my career stuffs. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll have to think about it some more.

Anyways! I might go and look at my messy sewing room now, and think more about life and women, and other great philosophical things, but on a whim, here's my besties and I on my wedding day:

One bestie taking the phots, and one bestie helping me out. Cuteness. I've only just started putting our wedding phots in a spot on my computer here, and a lot of them I've not really looked at, so it's kinda fun to see all these funny moments. We've been married for 3 years, and take SO many photos everywhere, I have forgotten about our wedding ones. You're probably aware by now, but I'm not really much of a girly dreamy princess when it comes to weddings and such. I was never one to think about my wedding day, or plan it out, when I was little. So of course, for me, 'The Best Day Of My Life' tag that people put on weddings doesn't really work for me. 'Cause I'm so reflective at the moment, I feel there are so many best days of my life, and I'm so lucky that most of my friends and family are hilarious and that most days are big productions of fun.

Anyways, hope you're enjoying your weekend, and hope your long weekend was still fun darling Melbournians in spite of the rain! Golly!


  1. The long weekend has been awesome BECAUSE of the rain. It's still raining...perfect crafting weather :)

  2. Ah, rain... I long for the rain... getting fed up with snow and ice (though next week will be spent skiing in Chamonix, so I plan to actually love winter for another week!).
    The "wedding picture" is beautiful!

  3. What a great picture, very glamorous. And I love the colour of your dress. You look so beautiful!


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