Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Just one little Doggie Party Update ... Promise!



1. I made some of those carrot peanut butter dog cakes for Doggie Darling. Wearing an Op Shop number and pin curls (of course!)
2. Someone is REALLY happy it's her party
3. And someone really loves her toy
4. Did Mummy really make her a tutu for her party?

Yes. Yes, I became one of 'Those Dog People' for one day only (or maybe today too, she is lying right on top of me as I type this, my laptop is on my knees, her head is on my left arm and my right arm is over her trying to reach the keys. OH&S much?) and it was so fun. It actually turned out really hot, so these photos (Thanks to Husbie again) totally have the 'look' right! I don't have an iphone (a work blackberry is always in my hand) but Husbie has one and he got this app called the Hipstomatic or something and boy george it's unreal!

I've just got a little button sewing and a little redo of an elastic bit and I'll have some cool things to show you soon! Woo!


  1. Shes so cute, I love the photos, they are gorgeous! I cant believe its an iphone app, how cool I need one of those, no more shooting film with my lomo! xx

  2. The pictures look amazing! I totally love the tutu for doggie darling. Happy Birthday Doggie!!

  3. Wow! A tutu, a dog cake and Kong on a rope - who wouldn't be excited! The photos look AMAZING and made me smile a lot - you look so cute in the first photo!!

  4. I love that you threw doggie darling a party. I have always wanted to throw my dog a party but mum and dad won't let me. We always have cake and sing happy birthday but. I love her tutu! It is too-too cute! Ha ha lame joke.

  5. i love these pictures, and your doggy is precious!

    i adore your blog!



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