Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mad Shopper not the Mad Hatter

I've been quietly doing a bit of shopping online. And it's paid off, sort of. I do say quietly because Husbie was away last weekend, so I mucked by myself a LOT. Through choice, I did need some total down time, but I didn't do much apart from shop online. Oh! And play video games online. But hey, I do that all the time.

I got some lipstick and some vintage shoes:

Yay! I also got all my shoes fixed up at the cobbler man this week, so feel like my shoe collection has double! I was a bit naughty as I got these darling 80s vintage shoes, and some other red ones, recently but didn't take away from my existing collection of shoes. I like only to have shoes I wear all the time on my shoe rack, and totally hate old shoes hanging around and just looking nice. I like to make use of them, and will totally pay to get them repaired rather than handing them onto the op shop broken.

My parents are coming up from Victoria to stay today, so I've been a mad lady all this week at work and preparing for their arrival, but have totally forgotten to wash any sheets. I know it's terrible but I'm off to buy some now, and put them on the spare bed without washing them first. EEP bad bad bad!

Oh well! Talk soon, I hope! It's too long between drinks!



  1. Chuckle...can identify re the sheets...I even contemplated buying a new refrigerator so I wouldn't have to defrost this one! Those shoes are divine...timeless classics. And yes, we need to use everything now today all the 'good' china and other 'good' stuff...

  2. Very cute shoes. And now I'm curious: What kind of games do you play online?

  3. Ahhh! I'm so jealous of people who can buy cute shoes! My feet don't exist in the shoe world so I have to get them custom made which is beyond hideous expensive. I only have one pair... enjoy your vintage awesomeness!

  4. I need to wean myself off my shopping online habit. What can I say? I love getting stuff in the mail! Your shoes are lovely :o)


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