Monday, 29 March 2010

Touring Outfit #1

Yep, on the road darlings. Workwise, it's pretty busy but I'm really trying to get a lot of stuff sorted either tomorrow or Wednesday and then hopefully it'll be less busy and more fun. I had a glitch today that I *just* fixed right this second. So I'm EXTREMELY happy after being incredibly worried and on edge a bit!

Here's a photo of me, on Friday night before my work colleagues and I went on a dusty adventure! I did some large pin curls after a swim and they worked out kinda 80s afterwards.

Spots n Stretch Dress: Veronica Darling
Hairband, orange refashioned pillowslips, that were originally refashioned curtains.: Veronica Darling

So! I've got 2 weeks in Melbs, and a plethora of peeps to meet up with for work and for fun times... so hopefully I'll drop you a few lines here and there now I'm in the hotel for a while!

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  1. Very cute. Hope your time here in Melb is fun and you get to go to a few op shops and the like!


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