Monday, 8 March 2010



 "Hey Doggie Darling, I totally forgot that by the power of MacBook, I can totes take a phots of my newly made undies for my blogger friends to see!"
"Ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhh"




So, the grey material was Husbie's tshirt (one of those promo ones for Little Creatures - for some reason we had a couple of them, they were kinda the wrong fit for him), and the red elastic is from the Remnants Warehouse (and so is the little lopsided bow!), so it's no 100 per cent refashed, but totally close enough. I remembered the little pocket (thanks to you if you reminded me this) on the inside, you can see the overlocked white bit at the back there.

They were modeled on another pair of older undies that I cut up before they fell apart, and I think next time I'm going to sew all the elastic on first, then sew up the sides, as it was a bit tricky sewing it on after.

Now. Questions for you, experienced seamstresses: I've never really sewn on elastic before! For this one I folded the elastic over the grey material, and zig zagged it together, stretching it out a bit as I went along. But it was kinda tricky, and I had to re-sew over the bits that the material slipped out of, and it's kinda puckered a bit. They're totally fine to wear though, but next time I wanna get it perfect. I thought I had to stretch out the elastic and the knit so that it fits well, but perhaps I just stretch out the elastic? Or do I not stretch any of it out, and it fits well, and it's all about the stretching over the body and then sitting flat. Am I making any sense whatsoever? Probably not! I'm hopeless at explaining!

Anyways, better go, I'm watching the Oscars! And gotta keep looking at these dresses! I love that they screen it almost live here in Australia now, it's the perfect time for me to watch it!


  1. this lovely lady has some tips for sewing undies :D

    i think fold over elastic would be tricky to sew over the top of a stretchy fabric... you'd probably have to stretch the elastic (not the knit fabric) enough that it lies flat afterwards...
    this type of elastic is probably a bit easier to sew

  2. Hi there

    Just came across your blog via Wardrobe Refashion - love it! Such a riot!

    About the move from Melbourne to Sydney myself, so will be scanning your blog for Sydney related stuff (finding crafty people in Sydney helps to calm my nerves about the move). Might have to quiz you at some point : )


  3. I love them! I just learned how to sew elastic on undies at TAFE - very good timing! What I was taught was really to just stretch the elastic out as you sew using a zig-zag stitch. Make sure you stretch it as much as it will stretch on the body. Then, turn the raw/elastic edge to the inside and sew again with a straight stitch to neaten it up, while still stretching the fabric as much as it will go. It takes a few goes to get the feel of it, and how much you need to stretch the elastic. Good luck!

  4. Cute undies! I really want to start sewing lingerie some of these days, thank you for reminding me!

  5. Hello!

    What those girls said - but to keep from sliding off the fabric, pin, pin, pin til you can't pin no more!

  6. Doggie Darling really only said "Woof"? That's quite restrained for the staffy, are you sure it wasn't more like "Waahrooo-oah-grff-mwaaa-ghhhh"? I guess that's only if she was feeling talkative. But I think she really nailed the response to the undies - woof! I mean, wow! Definitely inspired and impressed with your dedication to the wardrobe refashion! The little red bow is cute - the slightly larger black one is pretty amazing too! I'm sorry, I'm way over tired - spent my whole day off sewing! Quick note - I have some INCREDIBLE new 40s & 50s patterns I got on the weekend!

  7. i -love- your blog! I just found it this morning! Your undies turned out very cute. I agree with enken on the elastic sewing, it is kinda tricky at first, but you'll get the hang of it!

  8. Here is a great tutorial with pics. She also makes some really cute clothes for her grandkids.

  9. Your. Underwear. Is. So. Much. Cuter. Than. Mine.

    Dangit! I have been wanting to make some of these for foreeeeeeeeeeeever. Gotta put it on the list. And skootch it toward the top.

  10. Oh, cute panties!
    I just had to laugh though... you get your pictures with your new McBook, I with my new iPhone, aaaah, Apple is taking over the world and it's good but not all good (my pictures are cosy but dark and blurry....) but I love it!


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