Sunday, 21 March 2010

Vogue 5900: Tick!

Yay! Finally a photo of something I completed, and it's not a Macbook photo!

I had to "repair disk" or "reset my permissions" or something, as that's why no photos would load to my computer, and I did that last night (and even remembered to reboot the computer - Oh My!) and this morning I loaded the photos easy peasy. iphoto AND image capture weren't recognising my cameras, the old one and the new one, so thank GOODness for the old google. So, apols for my lack of posting, but I can't just keep on posting old nostalgic photos of myself (Although thank you for your nice comments about my darling wedding attire), and I don't really like using the Macbook photos as a substitute!

Anyways, to recap, I have a newly formed pen friend called Amanda, who's from Adelaide, and she's loaned me a collection of patterns from her vintage and op shopping experiences and everytime I sew one up, I'll lend you a little insight into the pattern and how the dress came about.

Yay! Fun knowledge!

This is Vogue 5900, a darling baby doll type dress that could generally be an awesome dress for summer fun, or could be a preggers style house dress (like the blue one up the top) I wanted a bit of material (like the white one) around the skirt, but wanted the pocket and the short sleeves:

That's Joan Winters modelling this floral number on my sunny porch! Just when I was hoping it'll get cooler, it gets heaps hotter again. SYDNEY you are a funny town! So whilst I can get the photos from camera, doesn't mean that I'm very good at taking photos. It's hard when it's so sunny!

And here are the buttons down the back:

I used my old "Veronica Darling" bias binding for the sleeves and neck holes, and instead of folding in, I think I folded wrong sides together, and overlocked right sides together and ironed out flat. EASY. There's a bit of a progress report in this old post, as this Vintage Pattern Challenge is fabulous, but has hit at a very busy time for work. Luckily enough, I haven't set an end date, so I'm not after a quick and crazy deadline. Phew!

Overall this pattern is REALLY easy, and apart from the time it takes to put the buttonholes in and sew the buttons on (long in my books, compared to a zipper), it's really quick. I didn't face it, opting for the bias binding instead, as I didn't want the floral to show through, and I actually don't think I had enough material. It's very roomy, and a nice light option for maternity wear. The pocket is there too, and handy for a forgetful Mum-to-be.

THE STATS - borrowed again from Mena at The Sew Weekly:
Fabric: Floral lawn from Spotlight in my hometown of Sale, Victoria. Very cheap, maybe $2 a metre?
Pattern: Vogue 5900, on loan from Amanda in Adelaide
Notions: Vintage buttons & thread handed down to my stash from my friend's granny's stash.
Time to complete: Over 4 weeks, perhaps 4 hours, though. EEP too long on one garment in my books
Year: late 1960s?
First worn: Nup, maybe for my pregs friend if the colour isn't too bold
Wear again? Nup, not for me.
Total Cost:  $4 AUS


  1. It's too bad you don't love it more...I think the fabric is perfect for the style and it turned out really cute!

  2. Wow, Joan Winters you are looking good! It looks like the perfect summery maternity dress (that's not to say it doesn't make a good "everyday" dress too!)


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