Sunday, 4 April 2010

Being a busy bee, but need your help!

I'm still in the country with my parents for the Long Weekend, and lovely darling Mum gave me a crochet book that had some 'granny squares' and I thought 'Yippee, I'll finally get some peace to learn these little things'! We searched the whole house and couldn't find any wool, SAD FACE. Mum thought there was some cutie little baby balls of wool that I could have used (leftover from Granny's old stash) but we couldn't find it.

Oh well!

Instead I've been playing heaps of online games. JOY! And re-arranging and updating my blog (following heaps of you guys!) but I think I've stalled and need your help!

I found the 'pages' section in blogger, and am building up an 'About Me' part... it's currently living on the left hand side of the main page, but you can click through and see what I've currently chucked up there. LOLZ

Sometimes I see this on other peeps site, and I don't really know what to write... so, could you please help me? What's a QUESTION that you want to know about me, Veronica Darling, and I'll collate and write it up tomorrow! Please email me direct if you want to be discrete ( or just leave a comment here... but I'll build up the About Me with a FAQ as well. I don't *really* think I'm that important for all this, but I am totally bored, and love the peace and quiet of the country and would love to do something here online, but I have absolutely nothing to make things with. I have crochet hooks, but no wool... my mum has a darling sewing machine, but no material and threads.

Yawn! This is pin up girl that my Husbie sent me the other day, and said it looks like me. I love her cutie little hair!

Thank you in advance, and I do appreciate you stopping by when I have no crafty adventures at all to speak of. Hope you're enjoying your time this Long Weekend, happy chocolate day to you or happy Jesus Zombie Day (as I heard on the radio today!) if you so prefer!


  1. How much time do you spend sewing every day? I was looking through your archives and you seem to sew something new almost every day. I'm in awe of how much stuff you manage to make.

  2. Living down the road from you (I'm in Tempe) - I'd love to know where you go to find your fabrics and patterns etc. Whenever I go to an op shop the fabrics are grody.
    And hey, I do look for you when I'm Newtown way, I'm sure to spot you sometime!
    Love your blog and love your guerilla knitting.
    lore x

  3. Its really hard this 'about me' thing, I think I've just put the ordinary things like I have a husband, 2 kids etc. I read lots of blogs and yours is one of my regulars and I think that although it seems a bit OTT to say it, your suggestion of reading all your posts is the best one!! Its reading them that you get a flavour of the person and whether you like to spend time with them. I look at loads of blogs and the ones that stay in my regular list do have crafty content, but the writer intrigues me and I have this sense that I'd love to sit and sew and chat and giggle with them. You are definitely one of those people and I hope I can develop a blog voice that invites people in like you do!!

    BTW I share your total frustration at having nothing to make and time on your hands, especially with a sewing machine at your finger tips!! I have learnt by experience always, always to have more yarn/fabric with me than I can possibly use, at the expense of clothes if there is a choice in my luggage!!

    Don't worry about whether you have crafty input every time, I love your makes and your hairstyles but I love the way you write too, so just carry on being your very own, stylish self!!

  4. I recently read a blog post titled, "10 Things About Me That Very Few People Know" and the author posted all sorts of obscure and funny little tidbits about her more qwirky traits. It was a fun read!

  5. Agh! The frustration - many parts but not enough to make one complete and viable craft! I've almost finished 5 days off (my manager insisted - I was a bit exhausted) and had a very crafty time indeed. I FINALLY altered all the op shop clothes I bought over the past two years that didn't quite fit right (3 skirts, 3 dresses, 2 tops), finished my 2nd dress refashion, made a toy for my super cute nephew (who can now clap and point to his nose!), almost finished a 50s capelet for the wedding, made a cake and took Hunter to the park. A lot. At work they don't think I sleep.
    Hope you're still having a relaxing time and not suffering too much from sewing machine, Doggie Darling and husbie withdrawal! xx

  6. Just wanted to say hello...found your blog and love your wonderful patterns, so of course I had to follow. I followed you here and on Twitter as well. Hope you'll stop by my blog too (tho' Flickr is also a good place to see my current and formerly owned patterns)!

  7. boo, my comment never posted! i wanted to know your favorite libations :)


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