Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye!

My friend has "Hello" tattooed on one wrist and "Goodbye" on the other. Quite gorgeous! I'm really just dropping in, to say "Hello, Goodbye" to you because I'm ALMOST on a week's leave from my day job and I reckon I'll be doing some sewing soon.

Evidently, I have been working a lot, and not blogging, so apols for my tardiness in posting. My day job will be evolving soon, so I shall be in a position to gasbag to you about it in a few weeks I reckon, but for now I best be off to sleepsville (Yes, it's a weeknight and I'm in bed before 7pm, nothing wrong with that at all.) so I hope you like this photo that Husbie took last weekend in a hotel we stayed at in Melbsie. How cool and creepy is it? It's the hipstermatic app on his iphone (as mentioned previously) but he stuck it into a polaroid frame he'd scanned in (clever!) and of course doctored up a little photoshoppe as well. It's my darling dress sent to me by Emy at Crafternoon Delight (who should probably have had a baby by now too) from San Fransisco!


See you soon, xoxo


  1. I'm dreaming that your day job morph involves banjo music and inter-state travel around the July period... sigh... I'm living vicariously through your awesomeness. Whatever the morph is I hope it makes you very very happy. The photo is very cute/eerie in a good way too!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! So inspirational, especially for me the novice sewer that I am.

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of you was OH MY GAWD, I LOVE THAT DRESS! I'M TOTALLY GONNA ASK V-DAHLING TO RECREATE IT! You look gorgeous in it!!

    This morning I was just thinking "gosh I really need a kick in the pants to start blogging again" and bam here it is. Thanks for the shout out love! Had a beautiful baby boy a month and a half ago, hes great and its been hard for me to do anything else than coo at him all day!


    Just wanted to let you know that I just saw Toy Story 3 and LOVED IT! You are just gonna die of laughter when you see it!


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