Monday, 19 April 2010

Husbie needs some tees

Every so often my Husband has a fashion tangent in mind.

Usually we wear vintage, we aren't authentic vintage hipsters, just the mix and match variety (as explained by Franca at Oranges and Apples, a fantastic post on vintage wearing ones) and share a love of op shopping and older things. I'm the keen thrifty type though, as you may have guessed by now. I shudder about wasting things, and especially that clothes are so frivolous in our modern world and it hurts me so much that people buy clothes and stuff, take them home and don't even take the items out of the shop bags.

But every now and again Husbie decides he wants to change his look, and occasionally talks about saving up $3000 and just buying a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes this wardrobe is entirely made up of Nudie Jeans and Tshirts. Sometimes it's made up of custom made suits from Thailand. Sometimes it's just a load of secondhand things from the markets. Usually, to solve the look problem, he just goes up the road and buys a couple of tshirts from a chain store, and then forgets about the grand wardrobe plan.

But last night, I heard him muttering "A whole bunch of tshirts and then it'll be better" and I said LOOK ON ETSY this time. And so, I've done a little 'heart' loving for him!

Here's what I love:

Also from Jessalinb - in fact all the stuff in the shop is AWESOME.

 And then there's some ace screening printing from Locomotive:

And the above pirate ship (so cute) is from Partybots on etsy.

Awwwww, cute men in tshirts. I hope Husbie has a look through my faves for him on etsy.

I've only done a bit of mending this week so nothing remarkable to show you, but I'm SUPER excited because Husbie's business has bought a tripod for their cameras which means I might be able to borrow it for outfit shots!



  1. so cool - I love the pirate ship one! might have to buy that for myself?! he he. xo

  2. I'm so jealous that your husband WANTS to buy new clothes! My fiancee thinks that if it fits it's fine - holes are character, age and style irrelevant! Maybe I'll start leaving some of those awesome etsy links up on the computer screen in the first phase of some kind of silent clothing based warfare...

    Yay for clothing photography tripods!


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