Monday, 12 April 2010

Last stop: QANNO

My friends and I (one friend in particular, but I make all the other friends get involved) have recently signed up for Qantas Club and scream "QANNNNNOOO" at any opportunity to each other when talking about it. I, in no way, like that you have to sign up to a club and be part of an elite area at the airport... but I love comradeship and free stuff. Now, I know paying money to join a club, then using all the facilities in that club, is not 'free' ... but it SO feels that way, and I'm a big pretender from way back, so free stuff it is in my mind!


I also am doing work, so hence the joining up as well. My other work colleage will join me soon too and probably be my 'guest' so he'll get the free stuff too.

Anyways! I wanted to share with you my first stop over:

Alice Springs!

It was our first destination for work, and now I'm at Melbsie Airport in the Qantas Club blogging to you at the end of my tour for work duty. Yay! It went really quickly though, but whilst Melbs is adorable, I just wanna be at home and not have all my life in a stupid big suitcase.

Some quick thoughts:

COMEDY FTW*: Pajama Men (USA theatre comics), Sam Simmons & David Quirk (Australian guys) and gorgeous Aussie Celia Pacquola were excellent. And, of course my darling friend Tom Ballard (Melbs peeps, I would totally go and see him, he's a very funny young man indeed) was tremendously funny and totally FTW LOL style too)

CROCHET HOOKS: Are NOT allowed on planes. A while back I thought the laws had changed, but I think it was an article about them going to change. No Granny Squares on the plane for me. SAD FACE

SEWING ROOM ANXIETY: I cannot WAIT to make some clothes again! It's been too long! Not sure what I'll make first, but think it'll have to be something from Amanda's Vintage Pattern collection!

DOGGIE DARLING: Husbie came down to Melbs for our friends' wedding (which was just gorgeous btw!) so I got to gush with him, but I miss Doggie Darling heaps and heaps!

Have a lovely rest of Monday, and hopefully tomorrow I'll have some sewing news!

*FTW = "for the win" xoxo


  1. Awesome dress. Stuff that feels like it's free is almost as good as actual free stuff.

  2. Cute dress! It sounds like your having fun. Bummer about the crochet hooks on planes. I was looking for some info after I asked you the other day and saw an article that said the law would be changing in June 2010. Hopefully that is still going to happen.

  3. Haha, love the facials in this look like you're having fun!

  4. Virgin let you take knitting and crochet hooks on board (see: - third from the bottom in Personal Items), I recently whipped up some crocheted love-hearts on a flight. I did have a plastic hook though, but the link above doesn't make a differentiation.

  5. Qantas Club rocks. I used to have membership, but alas no longer. Now I hate hanging out in the normal part of the airport so much, I usually show up about 5 mins before my flight boards. V naughty.
    Cute photo!

  6. I was going to say, I have taken plastic crochet hooks and knitting needles on flights, tho I have not managed a flight to your hemisphere yet, sadly!! I find its best not to ask cos then they always say no, with a sharp intake of breath but if you leave it in your carry-on they don't see plastic on the scanner and away you go!!

  7. Hello darling! A word of advice - put a Bamboo or Wooden hook IN YOUR HAIR when you go through security and you should you fine ;)
    Also, now that you're hooked on crochet I highly recommend buying a book called "200 crochet blocks" by Jan Eaton. It's AMAZING! You won't be able to stop crocheting!


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