Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My first Granny Square! Gush!

Ok, I'm so very pleased to present my first ever freaking Granny Square:

Love it love it love it love it!

As, I mentioned on the weekend, Mum bought me a crochet book (a very expensive $6) and I wanted to try it out over the Long Weekend, but there was no wool at my parents house! Gosh! I got back to the city late Monday night, went to work, then spent the afternoon (well, like 5 mins before Clegs closed) choosing the right (and cheapest) yarn. It's 'Washed Haze Aran' (I have no idea what this means) by a company called Patons and is very soft! The colours I chose are black, red and purple (although having just read the label for you, I realised the purps is actually magenta. Colour FAIL)

I thought I'd start these 'on the road' type things, as it feels like I'm forever away from returning to my darling sewing machine etc (but hopefully on Tuesday I'll be there and give them all a hug!). I have so many great new babies to hang with these days, so thought Granny Squares can turn into a magnificent rug or blankie.

As for the square itself, I'm astonished with how quick and square like the thing is (it's 3 double stitches - Australian style) and I really like how soft the yarn is too (look at me, calling it yarn - professional!) as it's 60 percent cotton. Love that!

Everytime I hone my skillz like this I wanna scream "I have found my calling" but we all know that after a few months I'll just go back to sewing my things!

Hope you're having a great week, whatever you're up to! Oh, and I'm still collecting your thoughts on my 'About Me' Page... I've got a few topics from you already:

Where did Veronica Darling come from?

Favourite Fabrics

Favourite Patterns

How much sewing?

Sewing Machines?

How long sewing?

Any tips for starting out?

If you think of some more, just let me know!


  1. oh that is so cool! I really want to learn how to crochet so I can make a big granny squares blanket. You have totally motivated me even more. I want to learn before we go to the snow so I have something to do on the plane and bus. Can you take crochet hooks on the plane?

  2. wow that is amazing I am soooo impressed I have been tyring to do a granny forever! can't wait to read your About Me it's shaping up to be fab!!

  3. Oh wow, you are really doing it. The crochet think I mean. I still didn't start with it, even though I think it was months ago when I said here on your blog that I wanted to try it out. Anyway, maybe I should have a good book first too. Isn't that a good excuse? ;-)

    You square looks lovely!

  4. Nice one! You know, in all my knitting and crocheting years, I've never made granny square. Never! What are you going to do with yours? Make more?

    Thanks for your offer for local advice now that I'm a fellow 'Inner Westie' (hmm, I probably don't have the terminology right yet). I spent some time in the button shop on King St today. I've checked a couple of the cute handmade shops there too. Any other local gems? What about pubs? The Courty seems to be my favourite so far.

  5. Very nicely done. :) :) :)

    Ambar in Puerto Rico

  6. Wow, I love Granny-squares! And red + magenta in combination too.
    I just saw your question about Copenhagen (I am rapidly turning into a ski-bum so not much time for blogging recently, at all really).
    I'm sad to say Copenhagen is a very, very blank spot in my world, I've only ever spent a few hours there. I'll ask my colleague who is more aquainted though, I'll get back to you if she has any hot tips!

  7. how cute! I love the colors you chose, so fun and so many possibilities

  8. Go and granny guerilla the newtown lanes!

    Thank you so much for the tips of shopping local. Why have I confined myself to Rockdale all this time? I think when I moved to Tempe I did the Marrickville op shops and went 'ook'. But Rockdale is woeful! Thanks again



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