Saturday, 3 April 2010

Touring Outfit #3: Pincurls Saturday

Hey darling, I'm still on the working holiday adventure, but today report to you from my parents house in Gippsland, regional Victoria. *sigh* it is SO peaceful and nice to be with Mum and Dad and since I'm a *little* hungover today, it's wonderful having someone make cuppa teas for me. YAY. Mum also gave me a crochet book, that I might try out while I'm down here too. YAYZIES.

There's my dad in the background! (And my red wine)

I did really big pin curls today, and check out how short my hair becomes after I took them out? They do drop through the week, but I honestly can't recommend doing them enough. I tell everyone! I do know there's some hair kinds that won't take the curl, but you should all try the pin curl (youtube pincurls and there's heaps of lovely ladies doing How To vids on them) and see!

I'm all snuggly today in my work hoodie and it's probably one of the most cooler days we've had here in Victoria. I've been surprised with how warm the night times have been, so that's kinda great! Workwise, the two big events I've been working on have happened, so that's a big PHEW and now we're working still in Melbs for another week and then it's hometime. I've been hanging on skype with Husbie a bit, and it's so much better to see him there, but I miss him and Doggie Darling heaps.

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend if you get some time off!


  1. Darling woman, your hair looks lovely! Hope you're having fun in Gippsland. I'm having a nice quiet night with a glass of red as well :o)

  2. Gosh I wish I could get my hair to do this. Alas I have the kind that drops within half an hour. Darn my flat, flat hair. Good only for playing Marcia Brady.

  3. Such cute hair! I want to try it... might have to check out my fancy new hairstyle book and hope against hope that my hair will be something other than straight. Hope you're having fun with your parents and taking some well deserved time off!


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