Monday, 3 May 2010

Becoming a Square

Oh yippee, holidays are great! And guess how late I slept in today? 7am... yes 7AM! Hee hee, totally beats 4am! (Although my regular Taxi Driver called at 4.45am as I'd forgotten to remind him I was off work for a week. Oops!)

Today I played a few computer games, read the paper, did a bit of shopping at Office Works and had lunch with friends. Doggie Darling is overjoyed at the amount of time we've spent together (I've walked for almost an hour each day with her, listening to podcasts, and starting to feel trim!) and is totally pooped out, which is good for her!

But here's my latest project, a total crafty attempt at crocheting, and rather succeeding at it! Yay! They're only small Granny Squares, and I now have almost 30 of them! Yay! I think once I reach over 40 it'll be time to sew them up, for my new baby friend in the UK. He/She's not born yet, and is a massive bump now!

I've been googling up how to sew them together, and of course there's plenty of different ways. I only want the 3 colours (Red, Purple, Black) though so it might be a bit hard to crochet them together nicely and neatly, so I'll probably just sew them all up. I've left all the tails on the squares so they'll come in handy.

Now, reds are usually always bad on my camera, as I don't know how to set up the camera properly, and then I just used 'Lightroom' for the first time in setting this 'look'... I changed the white balance and then put a vignette on ... so sorry it looks kinda dorky, but it was really easy to use and import. I could even import it as a lo fi jpeg to upload to blogger quicker. If you have used Lightroom before, do you have any tips for complete novices? My Husbie got it for us, as he's entering the magic world of photography with leaps and bounds, he even shot his first proper paid wedding the other day and the phots look smashing!

Now that I'm on hols, you'll probably see me around here a bit more!


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  1. I love lightroom! I do some wedding photography too and use it for all my editing unless there are some major major touch-ups needed then it's a photoshop job. Lightroom does over 95% and is great for sorting too. You should download some lightroom presets. There are tons of good free ones and they let you apply cool effects in 1 step. Do I sound like a lightroom salesman? Whoops, sorry.

    Enjoy the rest of your week off!


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