Thursday, 13 May 2010

Finding the best coat in town

I'd really love to make a winter coat this year, and probably should start thinking about it now, in my Sewing Room Destash Mode. I bet there's a few heavier fabrics I have stored away for a shorter cropped coat, or perhaps something vintage looking that I can adapt for less material. Thrifty thrifty!

Here are some of the coats listed on Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki (an excellent browsing place darlings, but also one for cataloguing your patterns to make others love them too! I haven't gotten around to updating any of mine, but I will when I get all that time off... in like... never!) that I would LOVE to make:

Kwik Sew 419 View A is great, I love that big collar! Photo from the Wiki!

Or what about this style up top (check those darts or something above the arms), but perhaps cropped:

That's Butterick 8046 and what a GREAT frock there too! I love the shorter arms of the jacket!

This perhaps won't be too good for my body shape:

But I could give it a go!? I love the lime stripes and that room at the back. It's McCall 7664 and if it's lined, could be kinda warm. So the artist-look!

But check out this sideway angular design!

That looks SO 80s hey? It's Vogue 1107, it's not dated, only that the next pattern up in the wiki is 1113 (and also very nice!) and that's dated early 1960s. If you click through to the see the bigger photo, I like that black overcoat... it's kinda an upside down V at the front and scoops down at the back (according to the wiki page) and almost a perfect dreamboat of a coat for me! Cute neckline and buttons!

Anyways, hope you're enjoying your week! It's flat chat for us, and starting to get colder at night (and those early mornings - eep!) so I'm on the hunt now for all those darling winter recipes for tea time. Last night was a lemograss mushroom noodle soup, and tonight may be this lemongrassy stir fry. Lemongrass and garlic (and ginger too) are my fave winter things to prevent colds, I'm not a big sickie so these things ward off germs in my house! My husbie just get the flu shot each year now, and I eat up these zingy lovely things.



  1. i have to say the first orange one is my fave!would love to see it done by you!

  2. Ooh I love the first one, the red one! Pretty! I think maybe I should consider making myself a winter jacket, I saw a gorgeous vintage/secondhand one in a shop yesterday for $110... wah!

    I had chilli lemongrass tofu stirfry for dinner. So good.

  3. I have recently acquired a large stack of coat patterns from 40s-70s! I have a 60s one similar (it's shorter) to the double breasted kwik-sew, I have a Vogue 6451 which has an option similar to the McCalls black one and I'm pretty sure I have a 70s pattern which buttons up like the Vogue original. I want to make a coat for my wedding but struggling to find one that will suit my original 1912 dress! It arrived yesterday and it's PERFECT. If you want to see any of my coat patterns let me know :)


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