Sunday, 2 May 2010

In a Food Coma to start Holidays


I'm on holidays for a week, and luckily it's started with lots of food, drink and now rolling around on the couch because we spent the day at Tetsuya's yesterday! Yippee! I've never been to this fancy place before, but have heard about it a LOT about it over the years. When I was in my early 20s, and living in Melbs, I remember my friend told me her whole family flew up to Sydney just to dine there. They were a big 'foodie' family, but I remember thinking 'Why would you fly to another city just to go to a restaurant?'... and now I know why:

It was a 5 hour epic food festival! That's me with my darling macaroons (the purple ones were lilac and my favourite!) but you can't really see in the photo but I'm ZONKED full of food. It was over 12 courses and with matching wines throughout, I probably needed another body to help me through it.

Yay! What a great way to start my hols!


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