Monday, 17 May 2010

New Knitting Cafe!


Sydney's Inner West crafty queens have an official new hangout! I walked past last week coming back from the hairdressers and almost tripped over myself! Newtown just keeps getting better and better at the moment.

First up, our first official 'bar' opened up (Corridor - Newtown) and got us all excited, then another bar got an excellent write up in the paper (Bloodwood - I keep calling it Bloodbank after the Bon Iver song though) and is hideously full each Friday/Saturday so you'll never get a table (Husbie and I had a drink there the other day!) and then my favourite Thai place (I would travel across town for, it's that good) opened up on King Street too!

So, things are looking up, especially when King Street goes crafty! The cafe is called 'A Coffee and A Yarn' and after googling I see that Amy over at Badskirt has also given the place a thorough review! Here are a few pictures I managed to sneak when I visited today for GREAT chats with my darling friend Emma!

We just chatted a LOT, so no knitting, but heaps of people were knitting! Emma was going to take her mum there, and I've got to spend a bit more time browsing 'good wool' instead of my second hand stash!

Yay for the Inner West!


  1. cute outfit, and I love the "cafe" how fun!

  2. Bonza idea...if only I still lived in Newtown! sob.

  3. i want one!

    and i also want every bit of your adorable sassy outfit.

  4. Don't you just love how our neighbourhood is transforming? Not that I'm a knitter. Go Newtown!

  5. loving the new cafe too,

    cant wait till they get some more yarn in...


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