Monday, 24 May 2010

Oooh pretty scoopy back dress!

I am really over the moon about scoopy or v-neck BACKS on dresses!

Sozza for the huge photo, but had to show you the details! This is what I'm currently making for the next installment of Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, where my new pen pal Amanda has shared her pattern collection with me to sew up while the darling lass prepares for her wedding! June right Amanda? It's coming around soon!

For the material, I've chosen some 90s (in feel and looks I think) black and white floral gorgette stuff. My Mother in Law is a mad op shopper too, and I think she found this for me. Of course it was sitting in a little 'I've been washed' pile of fabrics on the floor (no room on the shelves my friends, bad bad bad times at Veronica Darling's Sewing Studio I can tell YOU) so perfect for my DESTASH craze as well. I've also selected some lining, that I can't really remember what it is now... Oh some weird flashy and cheap feeling fabric (also thrifted) and there's a kinda short thrifted zipper to go with too. It's a back zipper, so hence the shortness. So far I've had to resize the amount of material in the skirt, as always these dresses are very full, and because I'm using an op shopped piece of fabric, I have to cut and adapt to what I have.

I don't know about you but I was reminded of what I love about sewing and creating WITHIN restrictions... there was a group of lovely new faces I caught up with on Saturday (Hello, darling Dangerous Kettle) and we talked about loads of things, but I gushed about some of my challenges. For me, setting challenges and goals means I'm creating within limits and it's always a mad moment when something really amazing comes out of these restrictions. It's the same with using these op shopped pieces, there's only enough fabric for a certain style sometimes, or these pieces of fabric (sometimes only 1 metre and a half for a dress!) set the rules, but really push me as a seamstress to adapt a pattern around the fabric amount. I REALLY love this.

When I was younger (and I forgot to say this DK, on Saturday) I studied loads of these kinds of artists/writers/creators and Georges Perec was one of my faves because he wrote a book - a novel - without using the letter 'e' called 'A Void' ... he had other vowels but no 'e'... I was always amazed at this, and how setting up guidelines and rules for yourself is actually liberating in that you're creating something very unique. GUSH!


  1. I love scoopy back dresses too! And the idea of "make do" sewing. Good luck with the pattern. Be sure to post a picture of the finished project - it looks lovely :)

  2. It's July but it's still too soon!! That is a cute dress - I think the lady I bought the last lot of patterns from gave me that one for free because of all the time I spent agonising over my pattern selection!

    I'm coveting your amazing adaption skills - I dream of the day I'll be clever enough to do that!

  3. Hi Veronica! I've been thinking about your post for a couple of days since I read it and I massively agree with you about creating under restrictions. I'm having trouble putting my finger on exactly what it is that I enjoy about setting myself challenges, but I totally relate to the essence of your point. It reminds me of that phrase 'Necessity is the mother of invention'. Somehow the results are far more gratifying than if you gave yourself access to any resources. Thanks for sending my recent brainwaves in this direction, you are amazing!



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