Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Another Elastic Skirt

Here's a really very simple skirt, that I was terrified of doing initially:

It's almost flannel feeling, this material with a very slight stretch. It's an op shopped piece again, that I was never really sure about what to use it for. As winter is coming up for us, I've cut a smidge off to make this mini skirt... but what terrified me was I actually, for the first time, attached wide elastic to the waistband... WITH THE OVERLOCKER!

The golden threads there are the overlocker underside, and then I turned it under and straight stitched it/topstitched and it looks great. It was scary because I thought the overlocker wouldn't feed the elastic evenly, or I would stretch it out wrong, but the elastic seems even, and not wonky. It's a really simple skirt, and it may not work on every material. Have you done this before? Any tips?

I feel like I should be more adventurous with elastic because it's so versatile to a garment, and could expand the stuff I make (like elastic around the middly of dresses etc). I just get a bit nervous that it'll fuck up somehow and I've wasted my time. Oh well, this is nice nonetheless. I used my friend's skirt as a model (when I hemmed it for her) and probably will make similar things again.

Anyways, I am going OK with my sewing room destash, it's *kinda* getting cleaner and I've pulled out a few patterns now to cover the bigger pieces of material that are lying around. Making things up from the messy room is certainly fun, but slower than folding up fabric and having a neat shelf!

Happy Midweek to you, Veronica


  1. It is so cute! And well done with the elastic -it looks awesome!

  2. Oh how I wish I had an overlocker! I bet if I did, I would be afraid to use it in case I stuffed up.

    I like the skirt and am sure it would look extra cute teamed with colourful shoes.

    Oh yeah, I remember my favourite preset site for lightroom -

  3. Neat shelves are overrated! All that happens is you run out of shelf space mid-tidy and you're faced with the dilemma of "squish it in" vs. "turf it out" and that's a cerebral nightmare. I like that you're taking care of your brain by making things from the fabric on the floor - circumvent the dilemma entirely! Then you get neat shelves and awesome accessories - Your way is much better :)

  4. Great looking skirt. Are you going to model it for us some day?

    I have a locker and a coverstitch. But I'm afraid I'm cursed. Or haunted. Or both. Oh boy. Both machines are having problems and need to be repaired/replaced. At the same time! Like I said, something is taunting me. Where are those ghostbusters when you need them??

    PS. The word I have to type is 'proof'. Now, there you go. What more evidence of machine haunting creatures do we need? ;-)


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