Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Another Green Floral Skirt

Yep, it's the last of that green floral sheet. The bulk of it started out as a darling 40s dress and it was such a large sheet, in great condition that I soon made my own designed skirt and this week I finished another skirt:

I followed my 'Sew U: Built by Wendy' book for the pattern, and also Wendy showed me how lining works.  I just did the zipper myself, by sewing it sandwiched between both fabrics, and am a little proud of how neat it looks without the zipper showing anywhere. ZIP FTW. I'm gradually appreciating  lining, especially as light fabrics (which I have a lot of in my stash, and haven't been using because they're see through) need that kinda blocking out. It's actually less fiddlier than I though, since you're just doing a copy of the skirt in the lining fabric (op shopped as well) and it makes the waistband really neat and finished. I suppose if you fuck up the darts (like make them different in the lining piece than the skirt piece) it won't be as neat, but that didn't seem to happen here. 

FYI, I would have tried it on to show you, but GOSH it's tight. I either have to lose some blubb or give it away to a mini petite woman instead of just a petite woman. Why do I make such small things!? I think in this case, it's all the fabric allowed for, as it was a true remnant. THRIFTY!

AND, I'm so freaking happy because soon I'll show you some news (more destashing of my fabric!) on Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge! If you're a regular reader, you'll know I love a challenge. This year has SO many real life challenges for me, that my sewing room challenges are a little slower (but not forgotten!) so I'll be posting soon with news on a darling Weigel pattern!

Talk soon, Veronica


  1. I am loving the green... it is so apple like :)

  2. What cute fabric for a skirt! I also love that you write "fuck". (I know, wierd thing to admit) You are reminding me of my previous life in Aus.

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