Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Elastic Skirt

Hi again!

So, my next destash project involved some thin pieces of elastic and a scrap of random floral material! I'm slowly going through my Sewing Room and picking up my mess and instead of putting it all away ('cause I bet I'll go crazy again and pull things out and throw material around the room like I usually do), I'm being incredibly practical and kinda creating a challenge for myself. I'm picking up random things and MAKING stuff out of it!

This floral piece of fabric is cotton, with a very nice wool heaviness to it, and I think it was a recent op shop purchase that I'd washed and it was getting ready to be folded by lying around on the floor. Then I was flicking through modcloth over the weekend to see what style skirts are in fash (I'm so bad and really unfashionable - don't tell anyone! I just make whatever usually without checking the fash) and settled on a gathered waistband WITH AN ELASTIC WAIST at the back and a nice flat front waistband:

I had some scraps of elastic, kinda thin stuff, so cut three pieces to fit my back area. And here's the elastic around the back:

I built a casing on the waist band instead of 'shirring' as I have never done it before and will start soon, but not midweek with a Sewing Room to DEstash not to create more stash (I think that shirring elastic is very petite and not 0.5 cm thick like this stuff I had).

BUT, I had a slight miscalculation (which I then drew a miniature pattern to follow for next time) and sewed the waistband first WITH the elastic in, BEFORE I connected the skirt to the waistband. So technically you add the elastic last (seems like a good idea now as an afterthought) because the whole waistband went all bunchy and tight (like it is sitting on my waist above) and it was extremely hard to attach the skirt on the overlocker, cause I had to stretch out the waistband and generally feel like a goosey goose the whole time.

La La La, learning on the job!


  1. You look very cute in your new skirt! I look forward to seeing what else you whip up while randomly picking things out of your sewing room :-)

  2. Very nice! I love making skirts to use up my left over material. The are so quick to make and so easy to work into your wardrobe. Can't wait to see what else you make in your sewing room clean up.


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