Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Green Floral Skirt

After making this dress a few weeks back:

I had some leftover floral and stripes to make a skirt, so of course instead of fold it up nicely and put it on my fabric shelves I threw it on the sewing room floor til I was ready to make this:

It's one of my own creations (seen here and a few other times in the skirt archives), but pretty simply designed using the skirt part from the most material you have left (and all gathered in to fit the waistband) and the waist band that measures a bit more than your waist.

You save a bit over to do the button holes:

That doesn't really make sense! Oh well! If I had time I would post tutorials!

I'm going through my sewing room this week and picking up all the bits that have been thrown around and finishing them off. For some reason, I haven't been able to get into a sewing swing this year. My creations have been rushed, or sporadically made so for the first time ever I have UNFINISHED OUTFITS! I believe these are called UFO's? With my week off, I really need to get everything done because I'm going through a destash. I haven't *really* worked out what the destash will be, like how extreme (because I've honestly wanted to get rid of heaps of fabric that I've never sewn with before), so perhaps this week I'll get that sorted and then set up some Destash Tips for us to look at... Some of us are totally fine to keep materials and sewing things forever and ever (I love this idea) but short on space and time to sew, do we have to make sacrifices? Do we say goodbye to lacey old things because one doesn't sew using these notions? Do I cull a bunch of patterns because they're a little 80s or the wrong size?

What restrictions (if any) do you put on your sewing room/drawer/cupboard things?


  1. Euh...yeah... I have to admit *stands up* I am Karin and I am a sewing stuff addict. I can't throw anything out. And I can't say no to anything that I can get my hands on. Who knows, maybe I can use it some day, some way. Maybe some day I don't think it's ugly anymore. Right. It's good that I'm not a miljonair who can buy whatever she wants, because then I would probably have been drowned in my sewing atelier years ago *blush*

    But.. I'm always very impressed when other people do make choices about what to keep and what not. So I'll be following your progress. And who knows, maybe you'll be able to cure my addiction. Hahaha. Not likely. But one can hope ;-)

  2. Love it. These are my favourite kind of skirts to make- so quick, easy and fun.

    Hi Karin. I'm Camelia and I'm also a sewing stuff addict.
    We need an Sewaholics Anonymous for people that are addicted to sewing related things.

    Seriously though I can't bear to get rid of sewing things. I have a fear that I may need it one day or I may find the perfect project for it etc.

  3. Veronica, all I can say is: before you going filling up the budskip, let me have a scavange through your unneeded sewing stuff. Yes, I'm an even worse hoarder - I take on other people's junk! (don't tell my boyfriend)

  4. Awesome skirt! There really should be a Sewaholics Anonymous... it's fantastic that sew (pardon the pun) many people are getting back into handmade! Monique xx

  5. That skirt is great! I love that fabric - never underestimate the bed sheet. Good luck culling - I'm not very good at it at all - but don't get rid of patterns because they're the wrong size - you'd miss out on so much awesome! I have faith in your mad re-sizing skillz :)

    PS. I thought of you the other day when an Eastern states friend said they were "totes devo!"


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