Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Instant Scarf

Hey again! Another trusty tip for destashing your sewing room/cupboard/drawer WITHOUT selling your stuff on ebay/etsy or chucking things in the bin (HORROR!) and here's an easy (almost no sew) type thing!

My friends often cut off the hems to their dresses and share the excess material with me! So if they were once into flowing maxi dresses or moo moo's one summer, they cut them off and have a shorter dress or top for another season. So I have a few bags full of really lovely material 'hoops', as my friends just cut off the dress, I'm assuming, as it lays flat on the ground. So what I get is a lovely wide circle of material!

I pulled out this great fabric this week, and overlocked the raw edge, and hung it around my head, voila, instant scarf!

Sorry I didn't have time to grab a long shot, as my Husbie's camera just had the short stubby lens, at least it's a beautiful blur of colour! If I didn't explain it properly, here's a heap of linky dinks for you, so I've saved you the googling!

A Circle Scarf with Great Pictures by My Waking Memories

DIY Circle Scarf by Maria

Absolutely no sew tshirt scarf by Missy on Cut Out and Keep

Some online peeps talking about the Circle Scarf with some piccies on other ways to wear it!

A video to show you how to do it, by It's Blitzzz!

Yay! Heaps of linky dinks for you, and I'll see you soon with more Destashing Moments, I've got skirts on the go, and some more Vintage Pattern Challenges in the works! All made from things that are making my sewing room messy and I'm too lazy to fold the materials all away, so instead I'm making stuff. HARDCORE.

Love to you, Veronica Darling

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  1. What a great idea for those random loops of fabric! (I certainly have a few and should have more accumulating...) I've also used them as a belt; tie one around your waist in a regular knot and it makes an instant bow.


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