Monday, 10 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Refashion for Dogs

Ok, just a little note this evening (my time of course) as I have a bundle of funny Destash Posts for you! Tips on how to rapidly decrease your stash and refashion pile WITHOUT selling your stuff on ebay (even if certain people in your household would love to see you do that)... sounds good to you? Read ON!

First up! TIGHTS! I buy all secondhand - or make it myself of course - and when I saw this pair of NEW blue ribbed school like tights in the op shop I bought them STRAIGHT away. I thought hey! I'm little and I usually fit ANY size of tights! I wore them last winter, and they were so bright blue and lovely and warm. BUT they sagged around the crutch! They fitted on the hips, but were the longest annoying-est crutch ever... all day long I'd be 'hiking' them up so that my crutch didn't show under my mini skirts.

So! This winter, I was determined to wear them properly! I cut them off at the crutch (and now have darling long socks) and refashioned the crutch piece into (please don't laugh at her) a darling 'off the shoulder' sailor top for my Darling Doggie:

I cut one hole for her head, but used the existing leg holes in the crutch for her own little doggie arms. It was kinda loopy and stretchy around the 'neckline' so I found some other stash off cuts and fashioned a 'binding neckline' and tied the excess into a bow. Tres sailor girl.

So bit by bit, I'm going through my sewing room and tidying up all my loose ends. YAY!


  1. Her expression is priceless! I love that you can look at a pair of saggy crotch tights and see one pair of socks and an off the shoulder doggy couture top!

  2. not sure doggie darling is convinced about wearing a crotch...


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