Friday, 14 May 2010

Sewing Room Destash: Woolie Blankie

Aw the babies are being born left right and centre (actually not centre, that *could* mean me - so let's just say AROUND me) and last week on my holiday I found my stash of wool and just dove right into a baby blanket pattern.

It's really simple, a gigantic granny square, but it looks so good! It's for a little girl called Elke, who we'll hopefully meet this weekend! Yay! It took a whole ball of red, and two balls of yellow that my Doggie Darling had pulled a part and left messy in my sewing room, so hence the destash grab. There's still a lot of mess in the sewing room mind you! Here's how Doggie Darling is most of the time:

She's usually so quiet and cute, but has terror tantrums in the sewing room sometimes. Perhaps a bit like her mummy!

I'm using Lightroom all the time now, it's so easy to export the photos out smaller, and I wanna google up those settings that you suggested lovely ParakeetPie (who makes very lovely profesh looking things!) because I wanna get the 60s rounded edges that picnik uses!

My sewing room destash continues today and onto the weekend, I'm just doing some house errands now (on the computer! No need to 'run' errands these days in my life) and will head back in.


  1. Fun blanket! I noticed that you commented on my blog about my skirt. I did used a pattern that I explain all about on my blog. So go back and check it out!

  2. oh man, I so need to learn to crochet!

    my security word is ginge!


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