Saturday, 29 May 2010

Weigel's 2481: Tick!

Yippee! Some successful sewing adventures! Finally!

Yay, here's a completed dress as part of my Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge, and it's pretty cute (don't mind the inside shots, it's raining 24/7 round here):

That's the front, and here's the back:

 And a close up on the bow:

Cute! And the messy sewing bench, with the ye olde instructions:

I'm pretty happy to finall show you something! I've been plodding away at this one when I had a spare 20 minutes here and there this past week. I can't believe how freaking quickly the year is going, and I have so much to do! I'll have big news on WHAT we're up to soon enough, but firstly here's my notes on this one:

Fabric: Some georgette stuff, thrifted by my Mother in Law.
Pattern: Weigel's 2481 (from Amanda's Collection)
Notions: Vintage zip, black 12 inch, thrifted from somewhere
Time to complete: 4 hours
Year: maybe 1960s, not sure of exact date
First worn: Too big for me, and too tailored to change.
Wear again? Hopefully one of my friends will like it!
Total Cost:  Free for me, maybe 10c for the zipper.

Yay! Talk to you soon! Gotta get back in to the sewing room for more destashing and creating!

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  1. that's really2 pretty, its too bad that's they're too big on you!


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