Sunday, 13 June 2010

Adelaide Dress 8168: TICK!

Here's the Adelaide Dress 8168 I started the other day, and did finish the other day, but Husbie took my photos away and accidentally reformated the card so I only got around to taking these photos yesterday:

It's much bigger than I thought it would be, it's a 36 bust, but this rings up heaps bigger across the front. And it's not really tailored around the middle either, and the skirt is kinda more flared than straight.
Also, the shape of the bodice isn't really exactly right:

It's a lot more boxy and 80s like instead of singlet-like, as the pattern's drawing shows. I think Kristy at Lower Your Pressure Foot is the one who says, Never Trust a Pattern without a Photograph, and for this darling Adelaide Dress 8168, that's true. I can't see how I'd get those thinner straps from all that material on the shoulder.

The pattern is from Amanda in Adelaide, so this is another completed Amanda's Vintage Pattern Challenge dress. I think this challenge will take me through the year actually, because I have heaps more great patterns (of Amanda's) to try out and even with the move to Melbourne ahead, I can't bring myself to send them back unmade. Sorry Amanda! They'll go into the packing box safe and sound with my other darling vintage patterns.

Fabric: Some light cotton stuff, from the Op Shop
Pattern: Brand unknown, # 8168 (from Amanda's Collection) and from Adelaide's local newspaper
Notions: Vintage purple zip, vintage thread
Time to complete: 2 hours
Year: not sure of exact date! Perhaps you know?
First worn: Too big for me, I've already started a resized version (I'll show you soon!)
Wear again? Hopefully one of my friends will like it!
Total Cost:  Maybe $2 with the zipper and fabric.


  1. I think it looks cute. Too bad it doesn't fit you, because I think the fabric is nice!

  2. I'm just starting to enjoy the benefits of re-employing fabric found in op shops. Glad to hear you'll be moving to Melbourne and won't be sourcing in my local shops !
    And hey, you don't need to be packing TWO dress forms either. Come on, you know you want to sell one of them to a local lass who really needs one!
    Only half joking.
    You do need to have a garage sale to rid yourself of said dress form and excess fabric and patterns. Blog it and I'll be there with bells on.

  3. Yay for my well-travelled patterns! Maybe just don't put them in the same box as doggie darling! (not that you'd ever put doggie darling in a box... Hunter put himself in a box once, as a puppy he crawled into a beer slab box that was in the recylcing pile and got stuck!) The dress looks cute, sorry it wasn't "as per picture!" I think the pattern is from the 60s, most of that lady's mail order patterns were. Too bad the post-mark has been torn from the package!


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