Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A bookish type of telly star


Just taking some time out from my busy work schedule to bring you a "I was on the telly" update. LOL! If you're Australian, and love books, you may know my friend Marieke who is on the First Tuesday Book Club TV show on ABC TV. I LOVE books too, and love my friend, and I was invited to be in a re-enactment for her tv show, so of course cleared my schedule. Here are some screen shots:


Can you guess what is going on here? Which book am I 're-enacting' perhaps? It's Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and I was appointed Lydia Bennett - the NAUGHTY one! Personally I've always loved the book, and was so in love with the nickname 'Kitty' I remember asking my friend (when we were 16) if I could forever call her Kitty (her name is Katharine) so I could always say the name. She's still called Kitty now (by many others).

For Australian (keen) viewers, you can stream the tv show in ABC iView (which is awesome for those Doctor Who episodes you missed because you were out for dinner or walking the dog) but the funny thing is that I became really busy with work this week, so totally forgot to do the old facebook update, plus even tell my MUM that I would be on the telly show.. so she texted me first thing this morning saying 'What a shock!' 'We're still laughing!'... as it's her fave show. Funny.

That's for affording me the self indulge sesh/debrief, but as a few of you darlings pointed it out, I thought it best to explain. For the amount of screen time I had (hardly any) I'm actually astonished that you spotted me! LOLZIE x 1000.

Take care now, and tomorrow I'll totes have the colourful Adelaide dress finished photos for you!


  1. Awww I can't believe you were on telly and didn't tell anyone. Naughty gal. I will have to check it out in iview. My sis-in-law is called kitty - I thought it was her real name for quite a while, but since found out it is actually Nina , which I like too.

  2. I just watched it - what a star you were, that was great and I bet it was alot of fun to do . Just like playing dress-ups. Marieke is wonderful too, I love her dress style

  3. That's so cool!!! Lydia is defo the most fun character!

  4. oh my goodness!! I started to watch that episode and the hubby changes the channel!! I wish I'd known! Will haev to watch the stream :)


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