Friday, 11 June 2010

Crush Post: Zoe who lives in Spain

I haven't done a crush post or a gushy gush over anyone for a while, so high time for one! Now, some of you darlings may have flicked over to this year's "Mover and Shaker" Zoe, at 'So, Zo...' sometime in your bloggie lives, and realised along with me that this seamstress is a total darling! Zoe makes her own clothes (TICK), has great fash sense (TICK!) and is loving recycled fabrics and destashing her life in a positive way (TICK TICK TICK) to make a better world for us all to live. YAY (LOL) but seriously, Zoe can create a wicked challenge that inspires many!

At the moment, you may be interested (as I am, and have already declared my involvement!) in the latest challenge, with good 'heads up' time so you can prepare: Self Stitched September which will be an entire month devoted (by you) to wearing things that you've made. But the rules are also entirely up to you!

For me:

'I, Veronica Darling, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear only handmade items of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010'

And by handmade, I mean everything BUT tights/stockings, bras, undies and some accessories (like winter woolie cardigans or scarves). BUT also, the accessories (like winter woolie cardigans and scarves) that I DO wear, will be vintage. The trick for me I guess is that whilst I haven't bought any new clothing since 2006 or so, but I will make the effort to wear handmade and vintage pieces to increase this challenge for me! (I have a couple of 'new' tshirts that my mum gave me for example)

YAY for Zoe and her brilliant challenges!

Here are some of my fave So Zo moments:

An awesome Sew U Stretch dress, and I'd totally forgotten that Zoe blogged about me in that post. YAY love online mutual admiration!

But totes, check out how far Zoe's sewing has come with this gorgeous shirt! Ladies, I could never make something this grand, I totes admire you Zo!

If you flick over to Zoe's archives, you'll see she's sewn up a storm and challenged herself in heaps of great ways. As I have gushed about before, I love challenges to kickstart one's creativity, and often things like including a time limit, or a restriction in some way, really fuels that creative process. Oh boy I could gush forever about this, so PLEASE remember that I am a really down to earth person sometimes and not some flightly gushmachine! (Gushmachine - yes, Flighty Gushmachine - no! LOLZ)

So, yes old friends, Veronica Darling has fallen for another blogger but also another challenge. LOVE CHALLENGE (I want to go to that, in the words of Liz Lemon)

As for Self-Stitched-September (SSS), there's a little jpeg thingie over at Zoe's page here and remember that you can also get involved via flickr if you're super keen on that area of the web too.


  1. I loved participating in Me-Made-May, it's quite a challenge but so fun!

  2. I loved me made may but now I am working full time I am not sure about whether I will do self stitched september. It depends whether I get some time to make a few work skirts and work appropriate dresses. If I can do that then I will take part.

  3. Oh thank you so much! I am gushing right back! I remember when I discovered your blog through Sew Retro and became obsessed with your outfit a day challenge so went through all thr archives to check out evry single one with my mate Harriet (who became really obsessed with your hair!) xxxx


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