Saturday, 19 June 2010

From The Mailbag!

Wow, Saturday again. Our friends were up from Melbs so we all had a smashing Friday night in Surry Hills with foods and drinks and LOLs. Saturday for us is all about finishing projects. I've got some completely silly and random things to finish in the sewing room, that I'll show you some sneak peaks of soon... and Husbie will upstairs in the attic finishing off the painting.

I woke up this morning to an email from Wikio, about my 'ranking' and it made me laugh when I checked my so called 'ranking' in the blogs they collate and process (I have no idea what they do, apart from gather what people are talking about, so I suppose it's like trendings on twitter) I'm pleased to show you this funny ranking:

Wikio - Top Blogs - Needlework

That's 141 in the World of Needlework Blogs, friends. LOLZ. I also rank in the 700s for Craft Blogs, and overall 24000, or something. But that Needlework Ranking has made my funny old day. I remember seeing some discussion on someone's blog recently about how you classify yourself as a blogger, like if you associate yourself as a fashion blogger, or a crafty blogger, or a vintage 50s pin up girl style blogger. I don't really think about where I sit in the online world that much, I know lots of you like reading my sewing posts the most, and that's the reason I started my blog. To document my evolving sewing adventures (and get better at it too!), but I love all things about life so will tend to talk about it as such. And as for fashion, I don't categorise my style into any genre! I love all styles and all genres, but know that skinny jeans aren't really suited to my calves, so know what works for me.

Also, I got a great email from my mum, who is caravanning around Australia at the moment with dad, with this picture:
Mum's Computer Bag

With a little note from her, "Have I told you I LOVE this bag.. I think I have but had to remind you because each pack-up and un-pack there it is holding all my computer and camera paraphernalia and then it tucks away beside the bed - perfect!"

And that's my fave pink/red floral fabric again (from the cushion covers I posted the other day) that I use ever so sparingly! I made this bag from really thick linen material probably just as I started this blog, so didn't get around to blogging everything I made then. CUTE. I love that mum's getting heaps of use out of it, sometimes you don't know with presents!

Have a great Saturday darlings, talk soon.


  1. Aww..

    I get to laze in bed while someone ELSE walks the hound.

    Its easy to get sucked in to ranking.. that's when you start to lose your mojo, I reckon.

    I enjoy coming here, not because I sew ( crap sewer,,) but the light breezy style, the hound, and of course the knits...

  2. Hahaha I looked mine up, it wasn't even there! So I think 141 is awesome! Well done :)


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