Sunday, 27 June 2010

Goodbye Old Sewing Room

Wowsers. What's the saying, people would prefer to break an arm than do public speaking and moving house? Did I make that up? Yes, perhaps. I'd prefer to do the public speaking and do the moving of the house, if that was a true saying. Because a broken arm would totally hurt and then you'd be out of whack for 6 weeks, and moving house is just like a week out of your busy schedule. Plus you get to drink loads with your friends for Going Away Party Funtimes. For those of you just 'joining in' to my blog, I'm moving from Sydney to Melbs next week!

We've had a really productive weekend though! Party times on Friday, and then Hangover times yesterday. Husbie finished painting the attic and we've taken everything out of storage up there... but sadly ... it was also time for me to finish my green bag projects and then pack up my sewing room:

And bon voyage to my machines:

Bye bye darlings! I think one of my first Melbourne projects is to make a proper case for my overlocker... the plastic one is fine, but just so dorky. The straight stitch Brother however, knows how to travel with that gorgeous sleek hardcover case.

Oh well. I've only just realised (with three days to go) that I'm doing all the 'last time' things in Sydney. ARGH. It's such a great city, full of amazing friends and totally baffling for me that we've lived here for almost 5 years, bought a house, got a darling dog AND got married during that time. So many life changes. I feel completely happy that I'm a person who loves both Sydney and Melbs and can live in both cities, as there's always silly talk about the two towns and people over compare them with differing comments. I think I just love adventure, and can make my home wherever my Husbie and I live.

We've been watching Dexter Season 4 as well, and I can't work out if I'm totally totally totally over it, or if it is in fact good. I really like Michael C Hall, and hope the season gets better (we're halfway through now, and could be going along ok now that John Lithgow has more than just a serial killer angle). Anyways! And how about True Blood guys! I love Eric so much! LOLZIE.

But lastly, what the HELL is with ISPs these days? Last year we set up the internerds with iinet, and it took 10 days to set up, they have a great service, and it's a great plan for the dosh we pay. BUT! Yesterday I spoke to a really bad operator (and usually iinet is pretty good at communication) for pretty much an hour (she had to call me back twice to just put me on hold) and then she told me the service in our new place will take 10 to TWENTY working days to set up. What is with that? I thought 5 to 10 working days was apt, but 20 working days? That's a whole freaking month!

Sorry to end on a FREAK OUT, go back to think about Eric and his cutie to bootie-ness as a vampire. And Pam! I LOVE Pam! xoxo


  1. i know what you mean about making a home wherever you are with hubs:) it's the best.

    just had to let you know: dexter 4 totally gets better. it's like a 70/30 split (unfortunately heavy on the feh side), but the great parts are DEFINITELY worth the bad. hang in with it!

  2. BYE BYE



    L O V E L O V E L O V E

    Patience (The Grates)

  3. Your dead right about making a home, "it is what you make it" as they say! I'm a bit devo your leaving syders though, was planning to befriend you for some blogging/tweet-ups when I finally get there! Hope the move goes really well :)


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