Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hanging in the kitchen with my gal

Oh boy, half an hour ago I was almost freaking out! My darling doggie found some awesomely yum organic milk chocolate in my handbag (what was *that* doing there!) while my back was turned and in true staffy style, she'd wolfed down about 80g of the stuff.

Luckily today I had a letter from the Vets on the kitchen table and called them almost in a bind (Husbie has the car, it's raining and the vets are about 20 minutes drive away) but the darling lady said she would be worried if Doggie Darling had eaten more than 300 grams. SO FREAKING LUCKY!

Anyways, I took these photos to show you how my uber big scarf hangs around my neck and my new fun book (straight from the States c/o my darling friend Emma!) about sewing How Tos from the 1970s!

It's really flat chat at the moment! I've got big plans for The Big Picture, and could probably explain all soon, so thanks for bearing with me here on my crafty blog as I've been vague and boring! LOLZ! Things will be changing soon.

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