Monday, 7 June 2010


Yep, it's been busy around the Veronica Darling household for a reason! I'm pleased to finally announce that we are moving to Melbourne!

Husbie and I are from Melbs (in that we both met there, he's from Auckland and I'm from Gippsland, in regional Victoria) so it's a homecoming of sorts and there are work related things for both of us. For me, I've got a promotion! Yayzies!

I won't bore you with all the details, but I work for the government, and it's kinda a public job that I prefer to just do, instead of talk about here (This *is* a crafty blog, after all). No, I'm not a spy (Husbie was just reading over my shoulder here, and asked me that - LOL), it's just radio broadcasting (still mysterious I know) but the best thing about my new job: I WILL NOT HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 4.15AM

You got that? NOT wake up early. Wow! I've been working fulltime for over 8 years, and probably 6 of those years have been on 'earlies' or 'brekkie hours' so now I'm an official grown up and can graduate to 9 to 5 and we'll see if I go crazy with boredom or thrive with happiness because I'm not sleepybeepy anymore!

I'm super excited to work with a whole bunch of great people in Melbourne, but a little sad to leave my colleagues here in Syds. My goal is to keep the LOLs in the Office happening in any which way I can!

As for Husbie, he will go down there a little bit later than me (He's just working out his job situation now, cross over dates etc), so we'll be apart for just a couple of weeks, and I'll drive down with Doggie Darling. After living in Sydney for almost 5 years, I have adapted to this city's winter time! The first 2 winters for me were like, what winter? Why would I even put on a winter coat, it's far too humid! And now I'm all like, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr turning the heater on here in April! I hope I don't freeze to death in Melbsie!

And, in true Sydney fashion, the West is Best as we'll move into the Inner West of Melbourne, I thought it was Seddon, but it might be Yarraville! And the new house has ducted heating. Phew! We'll rent out our darling little house to friends and thought I'd show you the backyard because how BIG is that banana tree!? Here's a post where it was like a metre tall (we planted it 2 years ago) and now it's like almost 2 metres over the fence AND HAS BANANAS on it!

Cardigan from Sally's (in Smith Street, Collingwood)
Cowboy boots from Episode (in Sydney Road, Brunswick)

I wore this to work today, just an average day, getting up for the early shift is easier when you lay out your clothes the night before (sleepy brain picks daggy colour combos and tights with holes in them).

Phew! A mammoth post for you, but let's talk soon. I'll have to close down the sewing room sometime over the next few weeks (sadly) and just fill you in with my boring changes and more crocheting perhaps. My aim is to use the first week in July to move and unpack, so fingers crossed the sewing machines arrive safely and can resume life in Melbsie!



  1. Congratulations! Must be so nice to move back to 9-5!

  2. congrats on no more brekkie shows,

    but who will preside over the laneway knits?
    You know they are part of Chris Tamm's Street art tours?

  3. Congratulations on the promotion! And not having to get up super early. We were considering a move to Melbourne after I graduated but I got a full-time job here on the coast that I really like so it doesn't look like a move will be on the cards for us for a little while yet. Maybe oneday...

  4. Congrats! Melb has been rottenly chilly this past week or two so a big yay for central heating!!

  5. Congratulations!! Good luck with your move and enjoy NOT getting up at 4:15 a.m.!

  6. Congrats! Don't forget your woolies... it's freezing here in Melb at the moment. Monique xx

  7. Oh congrats honey that's wondrful news :) Good Luck with the move! xx

  8. I was a Melbs girl (before the country move) and I love it - you've picked a very nice suburb to move to too, lots of yummy cafes for you and doggie to hang out at. Good luck packing and moving xx

  9. Wishing you all the best for your exciting changes! xxx

  10. Wow so exciting honey!!! I hope you LOVE it there! The shopping in melbs so so amazing... i'm kinda jealous

  11. Congratulations on the promotion!! I love the photo shoot - how super cute is your puppy!! She's such a beautiful girl - She gives happy cuddles and shares her toys! I hope things don't get too insane over the coming weeks xx

  12. Man, It's like we're trading places! I'm sure you'll get used to it again quickly - plus wearing scarves and coats and gloves is so cozy. Please give Melbs a big hug from me, get yourself into Thread Den and Craft Victoria and all the other many happy places for stitchy people in that wonderful city.

  13. OOOHH YAY! We'll be neighbours!Congrats on the promotion and i hope the move goes smoothly. xxx


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