Sunday, 20 June 2010

MORE QUESTIONS (plus going green)

I love all these questions! I don't know who started it, but I like that you get different questions all the time and that you learn about bloggers you love! Today's 8 Questions come from Zoe, of 'So, Zo...' fame and are accompanied with what I've been doing today: 'A Sunday - photo essay by Veronica Darling....

"Doggie Darling"

1. If you had to choose a famous person to be your new best friend, who would it be and why?

I'd choose Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and then Lucille Ball, around the start of I Love Lucy. I'd hang with Karen O in NYC and generally be cool. We'd probably make clothes together and get our photos taken by Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. On the other hand Lucille and I would make 'funny faces' in the mirror and practice our comedic timing. I'd choose them because they'd be quite different and are thoroughly amazing personalities and inspiring women.

2. What proportion of your wardrobe is handmade?

Considering I've been sewing my own clothes rather vigorously for over 5 years I would say (not including undies, bras and stockings) that 80 per cent of my wardrobe is handmade. I would wear my own clothes 6 days a week, and probably 1 day a week vintage/thrifted stuff. I am sitting here today wearing a purple knit dress I made last year, and tights my friend gave me, and an orange cardigan I got when I was 16 before I went to see my favourite band, Custard. So pretty much 95 percent of my entire wardrobe is handmade OR thrifted, and the other things are clothes I've had for ages, and a couple of store bought tshirts from my mum.

"Green Bag in the Hallway"

3. Where would you live, if money, jobs and responsibilities were taken out of the equation?

I would live in New York with Karen O and Lucille Ball, and my Husbie and Doggie Darling too. I would probably still work in radio, and have no money, but it would be fun and there would be bagels. (My mum used to buy us bagels when we were little, FROM AMERICA children! This is what they eat in America!)

4. Describe the weirdest or most horrendous place you’ve worked.

I've worked at McDonalds, that actually wasn't that horrendous apart from a few bullying/harassment things from a fellow employee. Of course I couldn't just take being called a dumb blonde, or shortarse, or bigtits, so reported him continuously. I can't remember what happened to him actually, but I recall feeling so in control as my workers rights at the time. Yay, that was before I even was a member of the union. LOLZ. The most horrendous place might have been a temp job that I wasn't there long. The lowest of the low tasks I had as a boarding mistress, in Oxford in the UK, was when I had to top up all the toilet paper in the girls dorms' bathrooms. All the toilets were freezing cold, and there was so much yuk High School girl rubbish, that I remember thinking 'This is the worst job you'll ever have, just get on with it and then it'll be over'. And it's true, I've never had to do anything as disgusting since.

"Green Bag Cut Offs"

5. What is your favourite sewing technique or part of a garment to sew (eg, collars, piping, etc.)?

I love zippers, it's completely daggy/square but they're the easiest part. I feel bad, becaue I know it can be agonising stuff putting a zip in, but you just have to do heaps of them and then you'll get them right. I get bored by button holes and sewing buttons because zips are just so quick!

6. Which sewer out there do you envy the most?

I love Gertie (because she sews so much - or so it seems!), Oonaballoona (because she's adventurous with her fabrics), Kat (she's so positive with her blogging and has great sewing skills), New Dress A Day (SO thrifty and such great stories and poses!) and of course Zoe because I feel kinda the same as her! I'm not into envy as such, just loving/crushing/gushing towards people!

7. Do you collect anything?

Apart from material and vintage patterns, I used to collect lots of metcards (from the trams in Melbourne) and my Husbie thinks I collect scarves and shoes.

8. What’s your personal motto? (I stole that one from the Burdastyle featured members questions because it’s my favourite) 

'Be positive', and maybe 'you can do anything, so long as you put your mind to it' (says my mum, and now it's my saying) and Husbie says I say 'turn that frown upside down' a lot, but I can't remember when I've ever said that. I go through phazes, at the moment I say 'Big Smiles' a LOT at work, to help my radio friends. I change around, but generally it's all about being positive, because everything always works out for me, and falls into place, because I'm positive. But I think when I was younger, I decided that by lowering your expectations/anticipations you were always surprised and delighted (because you weren't expecting anything), so I like that too.

And speaking of my radio friends, here's what I'm working on for them! It's a long running joke, and it's almost finished!

 More updates on this soon!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I loved this post! And the jacket is fab!

  2. Yay! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions so thoroughly and honestly, it was a joy to read! xxx

  3. oh my god, Vdarling, thanks for the sewing props! and such awesome company. i think i'm "chuffed". i think that means puffed up with pride. i could be very wrong.

    that jacket is really sort of completely AWESOME. if you ever come to NY, wear it, and i'll take you to h&h for bagels :)

  4. aww thanks so much for putting me your bloggers I envy question....the funny thing is I completely envy your sewing skills! So there is some dual admiration going on there. I love these answer things! It is so much fun to learn random little things about other bloggers.

  5. Oh that jacket is hilariously awesome!
    95% handmade or thrifted? After reading this, I also want even more to trawl through your wardrobe and marvel at your crafty excellence...

  6. Oh my Gosh! That jacket is very "junky styling" - AMAZING - I want one!!!

  7. I'm not a green person, i don't usually wear green but I can make an exemption for this jacket!

  8. i just found the photo of the finished jackets on facebook, and can i say well done! i never would have thought it was possible but i love it!

  9. I just LOVE that pic of Doggie Darling - so cute! Those green bag jackets are amazing - how do you even come up with these ideas?! They could have used them here in SA when promoting the ban on plastic bags!


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